The Disaster That Are The NBA’s Sleeved Jerseys

nba-players-hated-wearing-short-sleeve-jerseys-on-christmas phoenix-suns-sleeves

To think that the NBA needed any more money. This is the latest case of the NBA going too far to make money. Back in 2006, the NBA changed the design of the seams that go around the ball and the leather with which it is made. They claimed the new seams created more “material coverage” and that the new leather didn’t need a break-in period like a normal ball.

2006 regulation ball.                                   Original basketball.

Unknown-1 images-1

The new ball didn’t even last half the season. On January 1st, 2007, they changed the ball back because of complaints about the ball giving them cuts on their fingers.

This time, they’ve gone too far. These jerseys are not only a fashion crisis, but I can’t imagine how comfortable it can be for a sculpted 250 pound,  6’8” man to play basketball in a sleeved, dry-fit jersey. Many players have already complained about the jerseys. One player said, “they are hideous, the sleeves are awkward, and they are being implemented so the NBA can make more money.” One veteran point guard even went as far as to say, “$$$$$$$. I don’t think they look good. Or feel good. But I’ve come to accept that the NBA doesn’t care what we think.”

The feeling seems to be that the NBA did this because normal jerseys don’t appeal to all fans. “There’s nothing wrong with wearing traditional jerseys except some fans don’t want to wear a jersey,” said a Western Conference All-Star point guard. “Not a good enough reason.”

The trend started in 2013 when the Golden State Warriors were the first to implement the jersey as an alternate and has since continued to grow. The Warriors added these threads to their jersey repertoire for this season,


and the Orlando Magic added these hideous jerseys to theres. Unknown-2

I’m sure this isn’t the last time that the NBA will go too far to make money, but this is arguably their worst attempt.

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