“The Last Game” —Nike

With seven minutes of the 120 remaining, Gotze chested down Andre Schurrle’s pass and swept in a left-foot finish. This goal has made Germany the 2014 FIFA World Cup Champions, winning the Trophy for the fourth time in their history. The game on the soccer field is exciting, but the marketing strategy used outside of the field is just as much.

I am a big soccer fan, so I’m going to talk about one of the marketing strategies Nike used in the World Cup 2014.

Nike’s “The Last Game” Marketing Campaign Video

During the World Cup, Nike launched the “Risk Everything” campaign. Nike Football: The Last Game is a five-minute long video that Nike launched as part of their marketing campaign. It has been very popular on social media. If you haven’t watched it, you either don’t have a social media outlet or don’t have friends who like soccer.

I got to know this video because my friend shared it on Facebook. When I first watched the video, I immediately fell in love with it. I couldn’t help but watch it again for another three times, which doesn’t happen to me very often.

What makes this video different from others is that it tells us a story in a very vivid way. The basic storyline is that the clones that are considered “perfect” replace all current famous soccer players, which presents us “risk free.” But at the end of the video, the current players come back and beat the clones. The incredible animation has delivered us a very clear message: Risk Everything. On Nike website, it says, “THERE’S NO GREATER DANGER THAN PLAYING IT SAFE”, which is the perfect further explanation of what message Nike is trying to deliver. Since it is in the format of anime, people are more willing to watch it and share it with their friends.

The vividness of the characterization came as a complete surprise. Every physical feature of each player in real life has been displayed in the anime seamlessly. It is easy for soccer fans to build connections with the Nike brand and plays an effective role in building brand awareness.

How it is effective in terms of marketing is that everything in the anime has a Nike swoosh on. The Nike swoosh has been so perfectly inserted in this video that I almost accepted Nike without realizing it. For example, there is a scene that everyone picks up the Nike jerseys and shoes. It makes Nike the standard brand that everyone should accept.

The marketing campaign battle continues between Nike and Adidas. This video has definitely drawn me closer to Nike. As a matter of fact, I bought a pair of the Nike Mercurial Soccer Cleats and a Nike Dri-Fit shirt during the World Cup time. As innovation and technology penetrated every part of Nike product, Nike is definitely my priority choice when it comes to sports gear.

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