The Peaks vs The Owl

Twin Peaks is a restaurant chain in the vein of Hooters; a restaurant geared towards men seeking comfort food, beer, and attractive servers.  The foundations of these two restaurants are similar, but from there on they part separate ways.   Recently, Hooters has pushed towards a more community, family oriented look.  Recognizing that Hooters has moved farther away from its roots, Randy DeWitt saw an opportunity, and took advantage.  He established Twin Peaks, a restaurant that takes what Hooters was, and goes three steps farther.  The atmosphere and vibe relates to ski lodges and man caves, the names of dishes contain sexual innuendos, and the servers are graded on their looks before every shift.

The differences between the restaurants are stark when one visits the webpage for each restaurant.  The Twin Peaks page displays various promotions for sports, beer, and happy hour specials, all accompanied by pictures of women in the Twin Peaks uniform: fur-lined boots, khaki shorts, and plaid tops that don’t leave much for the imagination.  In contrast, the Hooters page focuses on breast cancer awareness, donation campaigns, and the lives of the Hooters Girls outside of the job.  Clearly Hooters has moved away from its roots, and left some available market share for those who recognize the opportunity.

Another restaurant more similar to Twin Peaks than Hooters is the Tilted Kilt.  Like the Twin Peaks webpage, the page for the Tilted Kilt presents happy hour times, burger eating challenges, and sports advertisements.  Both chains have taken advantage of the void left by Hooters changing priorities and marketing techniques.  Instead of focusing on word of mouth between men looking for their sports bar of choice, and provocative advertising, Hooters now tries to combine its old persona with community outreach, awareness, and endowment funds.  Instead of having a designated clientele of choice, and marketing to this clientele, Hooters operates at an awkward in between.

Hooters has demonstrated that it can provide the public benefits through these endowment funds and awareness campaigns, but has it maintained its identity as a go to sports bar?  It seems that Hooters has moved into a more 99, Applebee’s, or Chili’s area of the market, competing for the attention of families.  Hence why restaurants like Twin Peaks and the Tilted Kilt have been able to come into existence and flourish.

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