The “Scariest” Change

I recently made a huge change in my life. It seems as though my friends and family believe this change to be comparable to a huge life decision like getting married. The change I’m talking about was the switch from an iPhone to Android Galaxy. While, Android is the leader in the smart phone industry, most of my family, friends, and peers have iPhones(iOS). My mom, dad, and sister each have their own iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. I too, have a MacBook and an iPad. This made everyone think I was a nut-bag who was feeling spontaneous the day I came home with the Galaxy S5. Questions presented themselves like: “Why would you get a non Apple phone when all of your other devices are Apple?” “How are you going to listen to music?” “Isn’t that phone too big for your pockets?”


I had no idea that this (what I thought to be) small decision was such a big deal to everyone else. Yes, I use my phone all the time like most college students, and understand that making a decision to switch devices would mean I was stuck with an unfamiliar device for 2 years, but it wasn’t a decision I thought long and hard about.   This was also a decision that was not based out of spite or displeasure towards Apple. My iPhone was fantastic. So what was it that caused me to get up one day, wait at the god-awful Verizon store for an hour, and purchase a new phone? While there were a combinations of factors that included some personal research, information I learned in some of my IT classes, and playing around with both devices, it was the smallest thing that had the biggest impact on me. One commercial.

Before you watch the commercial that is posted below, let me fill you in on some personal background about myself. My battery is ALWAYS on low. When I plug my phone in to charge, it is for no more than an hour before I get too impatient and unplug it because I’m sick of walking to the plug. Given that information, it will be very clear how this commercial affected me upon seeing it.


So you are probably wondering how the switch has gone…I believe that it was a far easier process than people perceive it to be. Obviously it takes time to get adjusted to new technology, but most people are quite resistant to taking this learning time and want to continue using the same interface they are comfortable with. It is clear that brand loyalty is very important in the smart phone market. Even the pushy salesman at Verizon was quite surprised with the switch mentioning that he rarely see’s people flip-flop on smart phone companies.

Both phones have so much to offer (and there are also other phones like the Microsoft phone) and that people should not be afraid of technological change or usability differences. People should base their smart phone purchases off of the features that suit them best. While having the ability to have 2 batteries is very small feature, it is something that has benefitted more times than I can count in the couple months I have had the phone. Don’t be afraid of change, embrace it!

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