Then & Now: Extremely Awkward WTF Tampon Commercials


Yes I know, you’ve all read my title and are probably thinking “aw don’t be that guy!” Well I am going to be that guy, or in this case: “that girl.” Because yes, I too, am completely weirded out whenever I see a tampon commercial. It’s especially the worst when I’m trying to watch the game with my brother or my dad and all of a sudden you see a flash mob of women dancing around in these flow-y skirts singing to the tunes about how they get 360 protection down there….

Awkward. Just awkward.

I do have to give some credit to the people who come up with this stuff, creating marketing strategies and advertising for periods isn’t the easiest. But don’t have people singing and dancing around like we look forward to this time of the month. And especially do not give our monthly reminder of womanhood, a face that chases us around with a box…

^^ Either that was a poor interpretation of Justin Timberlake’s  *Sensored Word* in a Box skit from SNL or they might as well have put Jack Nicholson in there



Tampon commercials in the past used the marketing strategy that focused on how uncomfortable that time of the month was. They’re marketing pitch was to give us comfort and security. They were probably thinking “carefree dancing girls, sells tampons.” When in reality, once those commercials hit us viewers at home, it left us thinking: “what does that have to do with anything?”

Here’s a tampon commercial making fun of other tampon commercials


In more recent strides, tampon commercials have become more empowering for women. They’re not dancing around for no reason, or flipping through the air, but they’re actually more realistic. It shows women not letting their period get in the way of our daily routines, and that we’re just as cable of doing what we do everyday, despite it being “that week.” Always, a feminine product line has started a new marketing campaign, #LikeAGirl. This new campaign strives to boost the confidence of females, especially young adolescent girls to attach a positive connotation to the saying “running like a girl” or doing an type of action like a girl.

I’m not saying the awkward tampon commercial era has come to an end, but it is nice to see these types of commercials make sense to the point where I don’t have to awkwardly look down at my phone or change the channel. It seems to me the marketing strategy has moved from selling security in a box, to having that confidence and security from within.




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