What sets them apart

Living in a world where commercials are so common that it almost feels weird watching a movie or show without interruptions, has lead the average TV watcher to completely ignore companies’ commercials. To us, its just a 5 minute period of either muted waiting or scrambling for a quick snack. Most commercials you see or hear you probably forget within seconds after. However, some get so far implanted in our minds that they can be recognized from a still frame or even a 2 second clip from the commercial. These commercials belong to companies who understand that in order to effectively market their product in this day and age they have to make commercials so weird or funny that our minds have no choice but to archive the visual audio experience. One of the most successful instances of a company making a memorable commercial is Old Spice.

As you can from this commercial, it is a collaboration of random events. But is it random? Sure the things he is doing is, but this was not created with the “let’s throw random things together for a commercial” mind set. Instead, this was the company’s marketing department coming together and thinking of a way to combine random events into a fluid, uninterrupted commercial that would be very strange and funny but more importantly make the product being advertised memorable. This was their first commercial to incorporate the random events. Because of its success, that has now become the signature advertising style of old spice.

All these commercials have one thing in common, the viewer has no idea what will happen in each commercial, only that it will be funny. Not only does this catch the interest of potential consumers, but also other companies! In a couple of the commercials in the video above, you can see how Old Spice actually incorporates other companies’ ads into their commercials. Now Old Spice has not only made money by attracting more customers, but also from subliminally advertising other companies’ products! A company that can not only make money from their customer base but also from other companies clearly must have a genius and innovative marketing team. The comedy in the commercials by Old Spice makes the commercial style unique, the product being advertised memorable, and the jingle at the end impossible to get out of one’s head. The combination of these three things makes it so when a consumer sees an Old Spice product at the store they are reminded of the comedy of their commercials and as a result have a positive feeling about the product, increasing their chances of making that purchase.

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