What Would Willy Do?

Everybody loves candy, right? Whether you’re the classic chocolate bar guy or you tend to gravitate towards the fruity sour variety, many people have their personal favorites. As a matter of fact, the candy industry is one built on returning customers. It isn’t often that someone will see a commercial for Reese’s, not know what a Reese’s cup is, and decided to go out and buy some. So why do these companies seemingly waste money on marketing their products that are already very well known in society, aka Reese’s:


It doesn’t seem like a worth while marketing campaign when you are just telling the consumer something they already know. There may be a subliminal message, such that seeing the commercials will make people want to eat a Reese’s, but the chance that someone gets up after seeing that tv spot and goes out to buy one is slim.

One marketing plan that is currently going on is Twix’s Left and Right campaign. In the advertisements, the Twix factory has split into Left Twix and Right Twix. There are multiple “differences” between Left and Right Twix, such as Left flowing their caramel onto the cookie and Right cascading their caramel. They have gone as far as splitting their entire website into Right and Left. At the end of each ad they advise consumers to, “Try both. Pick a side.” Mars doesn’t really believe that people will fall for it, besides maybe some children, but that is not the point. They know that when people see their candy bar in stores they will think back to the campaign. This probably isn’t going to sell a lot more candy but it gives people something to think about more than a Reese’s ad. More or less this is just a creative example of marketing in an industry drowning us with boring, unoriginal campaigns.

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