Why Are Celebrities So Famous?

Advertising. Celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Gerard Butler, and Ellen DeGeneres are all extremely famous. Most people would think well they are famous due to their great songs and their shows and their movies, but that is only a minor part. These celebrities do much more than perform their talents to become as famous as they are today and television is a huge part of that.


Commercials are shown so that people will buy a specific product, go to a specific place, or have a specific experience; but commercials are also a great way to promote a celebrities image. If you keep seeing a celebrities face on TV then his fame will grow. For example, Gerard Butler was in a SuperMax razor commercial in 2012 because of his great looks, Ariana Grande was in a Nesquick commercial in 2013 when she was still a Disney star, and Ellen DeGeneres was in many Cover Girl commercials, a Super Bowl commercial, and an Oscar trail for 2014. These celebritie’s faces are being shown much more than just where their talents take place.


Another way of getting your name out there would be to speak on a talk show. This gives celebrities a chance to promote their image and to show “who they really are” to a large audience. If you can get on a talk show with someone famous, then people will watch and you will be recognized. This part isn’t very hard for Ellen DeGeneres considering she has her own talk show, but Gerard Butler and Ariana Grande had to try a little harder. Gerard spoke on two famous talk shows, The David Letterman Show and The Jimmy Kimmel Show, which Ariana Grande spoke on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Speaking on these shows is a fun way to get your name out there. The audience gets to know you and you get to have a fun night.


Whether important or not, if celebrities show up on the news it just makes them more famous. For example, Justin Beiber has been on the news recently for all of his “bad behavior”; this is giving him a terrible image, but people know him. If a celebrity makes in on a news channel the chances are very high that it is not for a good reason, but that is beside the point. Overall, celebrities become known due to their talents, but become famous due to advertisements.

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