Why Do Celebrities Love Fashion Week?

It is 8:30 AM on a cold Tuesday morning in Paris. Breakfast has been skipped, heel straps have been buckled and cabs have been hailed. Street style photographers drag their camera equipment to the scene. It is September 30th and Paris Fashion Week is already six days in. Flocks of well-dressed individuals rush to the Valentino fashion show in hopes of snagging an acceptable view of the seemingly never-ending runway.

But there are those who do not have to rush, those who are free of worry and oh-so-full of everlasting glam. Those lucky few -and they even get free backstage passes- are celebrities. Celebrities are the people we see strutting their stuff and showing us what they are made of. They are the ones flaunting their power and wealth -and looking dang good if I may add. Front rows are full of the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Rihanna, Lupita N’yongo, the Olsen twins and oh-so-many popular faces.

Celebrities flooding the front row of Miu Miu Paris Fall 2014 show.

Long ago, believe it or not, there was a time where front row seats were reserved for the press, buyers, investors, magazine editors or those with influential fashion expertise. So why is it that celebrities are so obsessed with fashion week? Well, not every celebrity is going to have that inner dying need to see models with strange clothes walking down a runway, so it must be much more than that. It’s not just about clothes or shoes, it’s about your image, having people talk about you and staying relevant. It’s marketing yourself. Fashion shows nowadays are full of paparazzi waiting to catch a two-second glimpse of a celebrity.


Kim, Baby North, Kanye West


Kim Kardashian

Just take a look at Kim Kardashian. She has transformed herself from the infamous reality TV star with athletes wrapped around her finger to the ever-so-chic mother of one and wife to THE Kanye West. Her image in the media has taken quite a turn and the fashion shows she -and her adorable baby North West of course- attends definitely give her image a sophisticated boost.

The new focus on which celebrities will be arriving and “who” will they wear is all the craze and, quite frankly, it takes away from the hard work put in by designers and their months of planning just so celebrities like Kim Kardashian can steal the shine.

Well, love her or hate her, we’re all talking about her.

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