Yaks Are At the Top of the Food Chain

Move over Twitter bird! A new animal is taking over the social media animal kingdom and it’s…. a Yak? What? Yik Yak isa new app that is taking social media by storm in the recent weeks. Just like Twitter, users can post literally anything that comes to their mind whenever and wherever. Anybody who wants to ride the Yik Yak bandwagon can downloadthe app for iOS or Android. Sounds like the same old, right? Why download it if it’s just like Twitter? Well here’s why.


Besides the fact that Yik Yak is green and Twitter is blue, Yik Yak unlike Twitter is TOTALLY anonymous. Have you ever thought of a tweet that might be a little “edgy?” Now you can yak it without any trace of it coming back to haunt you. Users can post criticisms, frustration, advice, comic relief or whatever comes to mind. Anyone in a 10-mile radius can see the yak and can either reply to it, up vote it, or down vote it. Down voting a yak can decrease its number of up votes or even worse, give it a negative standing! If you’re a comical genius, like me of course, your yak can receive a lot of up votes, which can place it in the “hot” section of yaks. The “hot” yaks consist of the most popular in the area and that’s a place where every yakker wants to be.

yik yak

Since College is basically a social melting pot, no wonder Yik Yak has become so popular amongst college campuses throughout the country. UMass, along with other campuses, almost have essentially a Yik Yak community. Users can even peek at other campuses and see what they’re yaking about. Campuses are rated by the popularity of their yaks and can be shown in the “featured” section. However, the featured section is obviously rigged because UMass hasn’tbeen featured there…yet! Although we may not be the most talented yakkers, Yik Yak is still an extremely entertaining app. It is taking over college campuses everywhere and although it’s not helping my already poor study habits, Yik Yak is definitely turning into a social media powerhouse.

With all that being said, here are a couple of “hot” yaks currently trending in the area:

  1. “Umass: making national headlines for all the wrong reasons” 57 up votes
  2. “Whoever lied and said American Horror Story started tonight your wrong and I hate you” 35 up votes
  3. “Yahoo answers is the reason I’m passing physics” 30 up votes
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