Budweiser: Heavy Marketing

In today’s society, marketing is incredibly important to companies and their products. Marketing is so significant because it is what promotes a product and helps convince consumers to make the purchase. A company’s marketing campaign can either make or break a product. The advertisements and commercials that are released to represent a product can either have a positive or negative influence on consumers. An effective marketing approach can be absolutely crucial for the potential success of a product.

For instance, the brand of Anheuser-Busch beer, Budweiser has had a wonderful amount of success in their campaign for marketing their beer. Anheuser-Busch is a wealthy company and can afford to promote Budweiser at a high rate. Budweiser is an incredibly popular brand of beer in the United States and that is partially because of the superb marketing job that is done by the company. The name Budweiser can be seen nearly everywhere in everyday life. Budweiser does a fantastic job of getting their name out there. Budweiser sponsors many different athletic and sporting events that are watched by millions of viewers. This kind of exposure has an effect on consumers whether they know it or not. In some cases, consumers will choose the most comfortable and familiar brand to purchase instead of going with something unknown or unfamiliar. This is why advertising and marketing are so essential to the successful of a product on the market.

Budweiser’s marketing campaign has even been able to stay relevant for a long period of time. Since its establishment in 1876, Budweiser has had to market its product to their consumers. Budweiser began using the Clydesdale horses to market their beer. With the Clydesdale horses as the Budweiser mascot, Budweiser gained many supporters due to their marketing. The Budweiser marketing team decided to stick with the Clydesdale horses and now they represent the vision of excellence and tradition that Budweiser would like to portray to its consumers.

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