Think Globally, Act Locally @ Your Local CSA

What Does The CSA “Bring To The Table”? The Dinner Table That Is… 

“Marketing occurs when:

  • at least two parties have unmet needs
  • each party has the desire and ability to satisfy the other’s
  • there is a mechanism for the parties to communicate with each other
  • each party has something of value to exchange”

“Four P’s of Marketing:

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Place
  4. Promotion”

This wisdom was imparted in Marketing 301 by our brilliant professors, Weinberg and Iyer. These are the fundamentals of marketing. The core fundamentals of marketing mentioned above enable Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to thrive and succeed.

What is a CSA you ask? Great question! A CSA is a regional organization that offers fresh produce, grown and harvested by local farmers, to residents in exchange for the purchase of a share (

Video courtesy of PBS Food

The two parties in the equation are the local farmers without upfront funding and the local consumers without the benefits of the fruits–and veggies–of local labor. Both parties deeply desire and have the means to support the livelihood and health of one another. The consumer provides finances for the purchase of the farm materials and for compensating for the farmer’s unwavering work ethic, while the farmer grows nutritious, local produce for the consumer. The communication aspect is not only convenient due to locality, but also comforting because the consumer sees firsthand where their food is being nurtured while the farmer sees his harvest being enjoyed. Both the farmer and the consumer exchange valuable material, funds for food, as well as something greater than money and meals, the unspoken bond of trust and camaraderie between nearly-neighbor locals supporting one another.

As far as the four P’s of marketing come into play for the CSA…the product is fresh, locally grown produce, the price is a share, the place–it doesn’t get better than this–is LOCAL, and the promotion–farmer’s MARKET anyone?–is simply “thinking globally by acting and consuming locally” as well as the notion “no farms, no food.”

The triple bottom line is that CSA’s lean on the three pillars of sustainability, equally benefitting the people and the planet, while earning a profit at the same time. So, next time you’re hungry and hankering for a healthy harvest, think about joining your local CSA. If you do, your hunger will be satiated and your community will flourish! 🙂

I love food

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