Tesla; How Selling Cars Has Moved into the 21st Century

Tesla Showroom

When you want the newest iPhone 6 the day it comes out, you either have to camp outside of a Verizon, At&t, Best Buy, or Apple Store. This very concept intrigues me; an Apple store. An apple store is essentially a showroom. They are brightly lit, and filled with every Apple gadget and gizmo they make. It is the closest thing to an interactive Apple art gallery you’ll get. They hire more people than ever seems necessary and these employees are known as ‘geniuses’. They know every in and out of an iPhone, iPad, or macbook. This is Apple’s way of directly selling to their customers. They know that the products they offer are so good that you don’t need actual salespeople. This idea behind a product being so good you do not need a retailer is the same idea behind of my favorite up and coming companies.

Tesla has been fighting legal battles all over the United States and the reason might surprise you. It is illegal in most states for a car manufacturer to sell directly to consumers. This is due to a long history of dealership culture in this country and billions of dollars in lobbying to back it up. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla finally had enough with not just the way gasoline powered cars work, but the way that they are sold. A few years later Elon started Tesla and now creates the pinnacle of electric vehicles.

Elon wanted to do away with dealerships. He wanted to have Tesla galleries all throughout the country where you could see the car, touch the car, learn everything you want to, and have a haggle free price stated from the beginning. No bartering necessary. Elon successfully created the ‘Apple Store’ for Tesla. Consumers could expect a no pressure environment because there were no employees trying to make quotas. The employees were there to answer any possible question that may come up. If the car was something you wanted, you could order one and have it delivered later that week assuming there was no wait list.

Without employing a single salesperson, Elon Musk created a product that can literally sell itself. From a marketing standpoint, he could not have done better. He has made unbelievable advancements in the auto industry. Dealerships are just not trustworthy, and high pressure environments. Tesla is out to change that and so far it’s working.

I am way over my word count limit by this point, because the auto industry is a topic I could write about for days. I want to leave you with one last thought regarding Tesla’s marketing. Unlike other products, Tesla wants but doesn’t choose you, YOU choose Tesla. They just supply the car.


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