NFL Anti-Domestic Violence Campaign

The NFL is one of the biggest and most known brands in the entire world. You can go anywhere in the world and people will have heard of the NFL. That is the power of the NFL and the reputation that it has. In American sports the NFL is known to have the most lucrative and profitable marketing out of all the major sports. According to Forbes, a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl costs 4 million dollar because the NFL knows that companies will pay these ridiculous prices. However, as of late, the NFL’s reputation has been taking a hit.

Everyone has heard of the recent Ray Rice incident which involved him domestically abusing his wife. This has drawn a lot of negative attention to the NFL that it may or may not deserve. Something not as many people have heard about is the similar, if not worse, cases of two other NFL athletes: Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers and Ray McDonald of the San Francisco 49ers. Both have been deactivated by their teams and are awaiting ruling in the court cases about each of these incidents. These along with the Ray Rice incident has brought a cloud of doubt on the beliefs of the NFL. This is when the NFL realized that they needed to show the fans and players that they are strongly opposed to domestic violence.

This past week during all of the NFL games across the country the NFL released a new commercial to show that they are strongly against domestic violence. They got celebrities like Amy Poehler, star of the popular show Parks and Recreation, Courteney Cox, one of the stars of the show Friends, and rapper/actor Ice-T to denounce domestic violence. This, to me, is one of the more powerful ways that the NFL could have handled the issues that they have been having with domestic violence. Airing these commercials during NFL games, which are some of the most watched events in television during football season, ensures that the most people possible will be able to see the commercials. Now anyone who was watching during any one of the many games of the past week have more than likely seen one of the anti-domestic violence commercials and knows what the NFL’s stance is. That is the power that marketing in general has, especially when it’s the NFL which is already one of the most marketable brands in the entire world. This campaign is more than likely to continue and be successful due to the marketability of the NFL and its players. If I were the NFL the next thing I would do would be to have some of the more famous players appear in commercials because they are the biggest assets the NFL has in terms of marketing. I am not worried about the NFL and its brand because they have some of the best people working for them to market and bring them back to what they were before all of this negative press.

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