Black Friday…Where Do I Even Start?

Black Friday is a HOAX?! Yeah, you heard me. Let me explain to you why. Black Friday sales happens the night after Thanksgiving dinner where everyone is thankful for what they have in their life such as family and loved ones. After a few hours of Thanksgiving dinner, people go shopping with their family, friends, or by themselves since most stores begin their sales at midnight. Many stores will offer various sales including limited amounts of doorbuster deals to attract customers.

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According to InfoScout, 85% of people shop for themselves on Black Friday. Although this is one of the BUSIEST shopping days of the year, most of the sales are only applied to technology, toys, and some fall clothing. However, daily use products such as body wash, detergent and food do not have a discount, but people still buy them because people are brainwashed into the Black Friday sale hysteria. Business companies spend almost no money on marketing! It’s crazy how just hearing people say “Black Friday”, they assume right away that they are going to get the best deals of the year. It’s the PERFECT marketing strategy.


Actually, I had a friend that went to Wrentham Village Premium Outlets for Black Friday. In a regular day, driving there from Boston will take about an hour but, since it’s Black Friday, the time it takes to get there is three times longer due to the INTENSE traffic. When she arrived there, the parking lot was outrageously packed. Wherever you think you could “park,” people parked there. It got to the point where people started parking on the grass and blocking other cars! After a long hour of looking for parking, she finally approached the UGG store. To her amazement there was a line of people that extended past five stores. In her mind, she thought, “Wow, they must be having a REALLY good sale!” so, she decided to join and wait. As two hours went by, she finally got the opportunity to enter the store. As she went around looking at the discounted products, she realized that there was nothing that she wanted!! At the end, she bought a pair of boots for the regular price…

Lesson of this story – Do your research. Have a plan in place for which items to buy, where to go, and how to shop efficiently and effectively. This saves time, money, and headaches. You don’t want to be that person lost in a store with a bunch of crazy people buying things you don’t need or WORSE buying things for full price. Like I said, don’t be that person…

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