Taco Bell Taking Shots at the Champ

Mcdonalds  VS Taco Bell


My Every Morning Dilemma 

I love breakfast. I love sleep. This is a big problem just about every single morning of my life. The struggle between my two loves leaves stopping to get breakfast every day before work. Fast food companies understand the routine people have in the morning, and they all want to be part of that routine! They are going at each other’s throats to gain me as a customer every Monday through Friday.

Who’s Hungry?

The only two breakfast options that cross my mind are McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts. I have decided that McDonald’s has better food, and quicker service. So for now, they are the quality breakfast choice. We have witnessed Burger King, Wendys, and other fast food restaurants desperately try to get involved, with no success. Here comes the newest contender to the ring, Taco Bell.

Title Fight

Taco Bell has unleashed their breakfast campaign that is taking as many shots at McDonald’s as physically possible. With commercials featuring people named “Ronald McDonald” and consistently referencing the actual product of the “Egg McMuffin”. Taco Bell is ferociously pumping out these ads. I can’t watch TV without seeing one. The relentlessness of these ads show how committed people are to their morning routine. This is an interesting take from Taco Bell. I have heard some people say that it’s a poor strategy because it is acknowledging the McDonald’s is the best. McDonald’s has the best product. People may feel the same way about Samsung taking shots at Apple for their competition of phones.

Taco Bell Ronald McDonald

Feed Me, Taco Bell

You know what I think when people say Taco Bell is acknowledging that McDonald’s runs the breakfast industry?! DUH!!! We all know that. Taco Bell isn’t telling me something I don’t know saying they need to compete with Micky D’s. I LOVE how Taco Bell is saying they are better than McDonald’s. You know what I did when I saw these ads, I went out and bought the A.M. Crunchwrap. And it was delicious. And after that, I got the Waffle Taco, and that was delicious! It ALL looks so good.

Who’s the Champ?

The food is great, but I haven’t seen one ad for their coffee. People are looking for coffee in the morning. I make my breakfast choice on the food, not the coffee, but this could be a problem for Taco Bell with other customers. Their coffee game needs to be stepped up to be a big time player. McDonald’s dominates Taco Bell in preferable locations. And this is what it’s all about in the morning. We are always running late anyways, no one has time to go out of their way to get to Taco Bell. I want more Taco Bell breakfast in my life, but I can’t find it as easily as McDonald’s. And that, is why McDonald’s is still the champ….for now.

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