Learning the Write way

Remember your notebook?

If you take a trip back to your educational experience in the early 2000s, you may remember using stick-like tubes filled with colorful ink in order to jot down your thoughts on a crisp piece of white paper. Now fast forward to modern day school life. Where pens and papers use to adorn student’s desktops, nowadays, laptops, tablets, and smart phones are replacing these so called “archaic” items. While using electronic devices in the classroom may be a common trend nowadays, science has shown that the old school method of using a pen and paper to take notes triumphs.


The science behind it

Research by Pam Mueller and Daniel Oppenheimer demonstrates that students who write more actually learn more*. In their experiment, traditional note takers had a better conceptual understanding and had an easier time applying and integrating information learned compared to individuals who took notes on their laptop. Mueller and Oppenheimer postulate that the reason behind this is caused by the focus required when taking notes by hand. Students can’t possible write down every word in lecture when taking notes traditionally, so they are forced to take away key points and word them in a way that makes sense! Also, having your computer open during class may tempt you to check out your besties tweets or your hubbies new profile picture. So make sure you use class time productively and wisely.

A+ Rubber Stamp on Notebook Paper

So what do I do now to get an A+?

Leave your laptop at home and stop by your local school supplies store to pick up all of the  supplies you’ll need to be an A+ student. Pick up a pack of pens, some notebooks, a few highlighters and anything else you think you’ll need to take notes by hand. Now get to learning!


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