Collegiate Marketing

Growing up I would always hear my parents, friends and relatives talk about how much fun collage is. They would all say “Those are the best four years of your life…” or ” Take advantage of your time in school because time flies… ” or “This is the time to make connections, join clubs and gain experiences you will never forget…”. Speaking with other in High School confirmed the same consensus.

I used this as my motivation to get into the school I liked and not compromise on my decision. Getting accepted is exhilarating and fulfilling but what happens next? Schools use marketing techniques to make sure you decide you choose them. You are invited to come and stay a night for orientation and get a taste of what is like to be a student. Stay at the dorms, eat at the cafeterias, listen to the various clubs and urged to participate in activities, visit the gyms, indoor arenas and football stadiums. Now that I look back, the orientation left me excited and made my decision easier. It was the right subliminal marketing message. “Come and join us because we are right for you as you are right for us”. Not overpowering but exciting, “just see what you could be doing if you choose us”. It reminds me of the excitement my siblings and I had the first time we stayed at a resort. The pool, tennis and basketball courts, the gym, sauna and steam rooms. Too much wow and too much excitement to contain ourselves!

The reality finally hits once school starts or at least it did for me. I always longed to go to football and basketball games, join the ski club or play basketball at the gym or at least go exercise on a regular basis. What people don’t tell you is the big elephant in the room. Schoolwork! Lots and lots of schoolwork. I could go to the gym for a well-disserved workout but what about the Accounting homework? I could go play basketball but what about that Marketing blog assignment? I would like to bake the cake and eat it too but I just need to finish my homework first.



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