Fine Turf


Every golfer knows that the finer the green, the faster and smoother the ball roll. And that translates into birdies and eagles that Tiger Woods, Phil Michelson, Rory Mcllroy, Sergio Garcia et al keep chasing days on end. Without world class turf managers, these professional golfers cannot practice their trade. I am especially trained to create and maintain those playing surfaces. If you own a golf facility and you aspire to hold a Grand Prix event, I am the guy to help you achieve that end. A smooth playing surface is not only an integral component of any successful golf tournament but a club membership boost. Trained at Stockbridge School of Agriculture, University of Massachusetts Amherst, which offers one of the best turf programs in the United States and indeed the world and having worked as an intern for two seasons and a crew member for one season at the Pines Golf…

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