Get Big For Less

Me: Hi! Im Joseph and I’m Cheap.

Others: Hi Joseph.

Me: “I refuse to go shopping at any local supplement retail outlet. They’re nothing but overpriced, marketing scams with uneducated and lousy sales man.”

Hard feelings? 

Do you love supplements as much as you love going to the gym? But do you feel like spent hundreds of dollars of month on these supplements? Do you feel like your getting ripped off at the local supplement retail outlet? You see, places like GNC, Vitamin World, Vitamin Shoppe, or other supplement stores are pricing all their products at  absurd amounts. Well lets just say, your time and money can be better directed when spent at an alternate source.


Many people have read forums on for fitness advice, but the website also has an extensive collection of workout supplements. These supplements mirror the quality of GNC products but are sold at cheaper prices.

Lets Throw A Curve Ball At You. 

If you go to your local GNC to purchase a 30 serving tub of “C4 pre workout”, you’ll pay $39.99. If you go on you can get the same exact product for $10 cheaper. Also they have a deal that if you buy two online you get one free. In the end, there really shouldn’t be a choice. This is not only for this particular product, all the multi day vitamins, protein powders, and every other types of supplements all the brands offer.

But it doesn’t stop there… 

Overall, the benefits form buying your supplements for your everyday healthy lifestyle on is not limited to your finances. After large purchases, they also throw in free “shaker bottles”, shirts, stickers, build store credit,  also they give away samples of other brands for different supplement use. You even can get free advice on how to exercise, and what programs you should use to improve your diet and workouts. You can’t get better then that! But there is always a con for all those people with no patience. Obviously, because it’s a online purchase, it’s going to take 2-3 business days to get to your destination. To me, its worth it, but to others, they may want there supplements right away. If you can’t to spend the extra buck, and take time out of your day to drive to the outlet and buy your supplements be my guest. I’ll rather save in the long run and be able to build my reputation with



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