Is Coca-Cola’s Latest Marketing Stunt the Best it’s Ever Had?


As we move throughout the 21st century, marketing has become increasingly personalized. Why? Because it CAN be!

The internet has caused marketing to become as big as it’s ever been, and banner ads are becoming increasingly tailored to the user now that algorithms have been made that produce ads specific to YOU based on your search history.

Coca-Cola’s marketing department certainly picked up on this, and developed a genius idea to make something that millions drink seem like it was made just for you.

Featured image

Are any of these your name? If not, there are 250 other names that Coca-Cola included on the coke bottles. Still can’t find it? Coke’s made 500 stops nation-wide including here in the campus center at UMass Amherst where you can put any name you want on the coke can and it will dispense it right on the spot for you from a customized vending machine.

Social Aspect

Not only can you find the right coke bottle for you, but you can also (more importantly) find the right coke bottle for family or friends.

I remember over the summer my Mom and I were looking for a coke bottle with my uncle Michael’s name on it as part of his birthday present. It amazed me that a single marketing campaign caused me to go out of my way to rifle through a barrel of cokes just to find a single bottle. I thought that at that point, Coca-Cola had certainly achieved its goal.

And they didn’t just stop at names. You can buy a coke for a “legend” a “star” or a “mate” (international marketing?)! They even applied the campaign to liter bottles, attempting to get the consumer to share with the “team”, “party”, or “crew”.

I’m Not Even Thirsty

I don’t really drink soda often at all. I’ll have a coke maybe twice a month. The bottom line is: it doesn’t matter. This marketing stunt was so good that it could have been pickle juice or milk from 2009 and I still would have bought it.

Campaigns like McDonalds’ monopoly board or Keystone’s special orange can similarly end up making me want to buy the product for reasons other than consuming the product itself. However, they miss the mark on what’s making the marketing world buzz: personalization and social inclusion. In any day and age, it’s the difference between getting a B+ and an A+. Or, if we’re talking business, major boosts in revenue.

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