My Experience With Macy’s

This summer I had the privilege  of being a part of Macy’s Store Management internship program. In this internship 180 college students were hired across the nation for this 8 week program which takes place in Macy’s stores. Though the focus of the internship is on teaching us how to become future store managers, I also was able to get plenty of sales experience on the floor of my assigned department, which was women’s shoes. heels6 When I heard I was getting placed in this particular department I was nervous. I had zero retail experience, did not know the first thing about women’s shoes and to top it all off I’m partially color blind! On my first day when women asked me to match wedding dresses to a pair of shoes or whether I thought a heel or a wedge was better for their upcoming dinner party I had literally no idea what to tell them. I quickly realized that I was in for a long and awkward journey if I didn’t do something to make up for my lack of knowledge until I learned the ins and outs of women’s footwear. I decided to instead use my outgoing personality and as the saying goes, “fake it til I make it”. The typical customer in the Macy’s I worked in was a middle aged to elderly woman.  I quickly learned that corny one-liners and  and a little innocent flirtation can sell shoes  just as effectively as knowledge of the product. One of my favorite memories is when I sold a $100 pair of shoes to a woman who claimed she did not want to spend more than $60. I convinced her to just try them on and simply exclaimed with just a hint of surprise that “Wow those shoes look amazing on you!” She decided to buy the shoes immediately after that because as she put it, “If a handsome man like you thinks that I have to get them!” Not only did I enjoy the compliment but I thought it was interesting that where cold hard facts about the superior material, style and brand had failed my coworker one comment stated in the right way sold the shoes. I learned something from these experiences. When you are trying to market and sell something you have to work with what you have.  I learned in class that “people are human beings with plenty of irrational tendencies.” If you can get someone excited about something they will buy it. Making a woman feel beautiful in a pair of shoes will make her buy them faster than explaining to her the superior arch support in them. Macy’s was a great experience and though this is just one of the lessons I learned there, I will not quickly forget it.

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