Coco Cola sprinted this summer with their new “Family and Friends Campaign”. This Campaign allowed its customers to customize names of friends and family on the coke can itself or buy customized ones for your loved ones for example “mom” “dad”, “boyfriend”. Coke was intelligent in bringing social media into its campaign by getting the youngsters involved in hash tagging “share a coke with” on Facebook and twitter, a great way of creating a buzz and making people aware of their campaign. It almost became like the “new cool thing”, to get your friends customized cokes with their names on them.

I went back to Pakistan this summer and during the month of Ramadan; a month of fasting, which is highly celebrated in the Islamic state, the Coco cola campaign was a major success. The month is all about family in general, about reconnecting and forgiving each other. Launching it during that time frame was by far a brilliant idea. “Sharing” became the key concept in the advertisement; relating it to a happy experience. This concept was even more poignant in the month of Ramadan, which itself is all about connecting/sharing, I mean how often do we really express ourselves generally, and this is exactly the concept coke played with.

The Share a coke invitation in Pakistan created a sense of opportunity for people to become more expressive, to bond with someone over a coke – marked by their relationship- it was a great encouraging factor in the younger generation to go ahead and share happiness with those they admire and respect. I remember going out every second evening to my grandmothers to open my fast at her house and I would always take with me a Bottle marked “Grandmother”, just to see that smile when I would hand it to her was actually quite touching. It really did bring a sense of happiness even if it was a short while- a very simple way of expressing gratitude to someone. The company managed to invite people to find happiness through the “little things in life” and launched it at a great timing.

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