Twitter Ads

If you use twitter, I’m sure you have come across sponsored posts. Whenever one comes across my feed I just scroll right through it like the nuisance that it is.


Whenever I see that yellow arrow I know it is not going to something I’m interested in. The question for marketer is, “how can we make these ads catch more eyes”. According to there are 271 million monthly active users of twitter. Twitter allows marketers to put themselves out to a wide audience, but it also allows the audience to scan over the ads.

There are many different strategies marketers are using to get their ads read. A fairly new feature to twitter is that pictures automatically show up on your timeline, you do not have to click on a link, so an ad with a picture in it stands out much more than just a regular tweet. If you can add an interesting picture to your tweet it will stand out from the rest and catch many more eyes.

Another way to get attention for your ad is to make it funny. People love comedy, laughing is the best part of many peoples days and twitter is a great place for it. For example, a relatively unknown comedian named Rob Delaney made a name for himself on twitter. He was awarded “Funniest Man on Twitter” at the 2012 Comedy Central Awards, the first comedian to do so.


He now has over a million followers. His stand up comedy special on Netflix lists him as “Social Media sensation”. Rob Delaney reaches an audience of over a million people a day because he is funny. He is not in movies or on TV shows. He did not even have a special before twitter, but his small following grew because he’s funny. If marketers could get their message across while remaining humorous then they could gain a following for their companies as well. In fact if I were a CMO I would hire a comedian to handle the twitter account for my company. Comedy is one of the worlds bests weapons

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