Normal Tuesday –> Special Tuesday

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An adventure to the new renovated Blue Wall Cafe at UMass, Amherst.

It’s 1:30pm, a normal Tuesday afternoon. It’s the first day of the class, and I am hungry. ‘Where should I go to get my first lunch for this new semester? I need something new and fresh right now’

The destination I choose to go to is the new renovated dining facility called “Blue Wall Cafe”. Where exactly is it? What is it like to have lunch there? I found answers with my little experience on a normal Tuesday afternoon..

Once you reach to Campus Center at UMass, follow through a long maze that eventually leads you to “Blue Wall Cafe”. You will pass through a lot of rooms including a barbershop!

The first scenery that is exposed to your sight is a LOT of people. Tens of lines of people waiting for their food to come out. There are TEN different food stations. American, Italian, Mexican, Asian, you name it. You will be overwhelmed by a variety of choices. For me, I choose “Star Ginger”, because I’m South Korean and I love Asian food. Rice is my main meal everyday you know. The food I choose is grilled lemon chicken w/ rice and salad for the side. ‘I got plenty of time to try different food in other days’. I really liked it. Grilled lemon chicken, rice, and salad are perfect combination for a foreigner like me.

The interior of “Blue Wall Cafe” is simple and spacious which creates the atmosphere of happiness and full of vitality with people in it. It’s not just a eating place, but a socializing place with variety of people. Good food makes everyone happy, and good people is an extra.

So how about trying this new “Blue Wall Cafe” for your lunch? This renovated facility will save your time a lot between classes, and you will be provided with almost the same quality of food that you have in other Dining Commons. Provided with a variety of choices, you will be overwhelmed, and your normal Tuesday won’t be like normal Tuesday, but special Tuesday.

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