Why do I already want the new Iphone?

Hello blog readers,

My name is Mitch Feldman, and I am addicted to apple products….Jeez, almost sounds like a support group introduction, but the fact of the matter is that I truly feel I am addicted. It all started when I bought my very first IPhone 4s. Knowing that I had an upgrade in the coming, and at around the same time of my upgrade, the new IPhone was being released, I needed it. Of course in my preparation for the arrival of the newly anticipated phone, I had to do my research. Every day after school, I would immediately come off the bus and look up youtube videos and read articles about the upcoming device. Finally, after my induction ceremony to the National Honors Society, my parents purchased me the IPhone 4s. My gateway device.

Fast forward to 2014. I now own a Macbook Pro, an apple IPad, and the IPhone 5s. Recently apple released the new IPhone 6, and unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, the screen on my IPhone is broken. Although I know it is a waste of money, and I could just buy an older phone for much cheaper, something inside me wants the IPhone 6 badly. How does apple make me feel this way?

At first I thought I was just a delusional individual with an obsession, but now I see the same thing happening with people around me. Walk into a college classroom and the glowing apples staring back at you will prove my point. That is exactly the reason we love the apple products. We love the apple products because of the apple. There are many products on the market that are extremely similar if not better than the apple products, but what apple does extremely well is branding. Stamping the apple logo will instantly make a product sell.

The other thing that apple does well is interweaving all of their products. If its on my IPhone, its also on my mac, and my IPad. If I were to switch to a different product, many aspects of my life would be directly affected. All of the apps I add on my devices make the switching cost increasingly higher. Brilliantly, apple markets their products as being interlaced, and the fact that they are interlaced makes it that much harder to switch.

Regardless of whether or not the new IPhone bends, because it has that apple logo, I want it.

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