My Summer at Chatham Bars Inn

This summer I was fortunate enough to work at the luxury resort Chatham Bars Inn as a guest service agent. It is safe to say I experienced a lot in the guest services department from early May to late August. During this time period, Chatham Bars Inn celebrated its 100th anniversary. Naturally, the resort was hosting many events using various marketing techniques. The centennial anniversary was exposed through social media and print advertising, and featured on the popular news series Chronicle.

The resort had signs and brochures listing the events across the resort and places all through the small town of Chatham. People would come to the front desk inquiring about the celebrations when there was a sign directly in front of them with answers to their questions. What I soon discovered was the guests were more attracted to the episode of Chronicle or Chatham Bars Inn pulled up on their electronics. People were constantly asking about pictures from the Chatham Bars Inn location on Instagram along with the separate Chatham Bars Inn instagram account. Since I was at the front desk, I communicated with the sales department when the Chronicle director arrived onto the property. I also heard the feedback from the guests about the events and what they thought of our resort on Chronicle. This experience gave me some insight to both sides of the marketing industry. I was able to see all the work and efforts of the sale and marketing department, and then how guests were reacting to it.

Also, I was surprised to learn was how often guests particularly older guests would approach me with an Ipad or Iphone already in hand ready to access the hotel’s social media. My home life this summer reflected this as well. I would come home to my grandmother twitching her thumbs over her Ipad. She would be constantly checking the ads for stores such as Ocean State Job Lot and Shaw’s. Of course, I have not been living under a rock the past ten years and was well aware of the addiction to technology in society. It was illustrated to me this summer the connection with social media and marketing is becoming stronger and stronger. The world is changing with advertising, straying away from not just being accessible with your eyes but the sliding of fingers. My summer at Chatham Bars Inn provided me with insight on both sides of the marketing field, and allowed me to see the power in social media and technology associated with it.

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