Anyone Want To Buy Some Pork?

Market the Mammal

            Have you ever thought about what to make for dinner and had nothing come to mind? As a food management major I have had trouble with this a lot, as I’m sure most people have. One thing that’s being done is the pork industry is advertising the meat in general. Usually you see brand names come across the screen or restaurants, rarely an entire meat industry. In order to have people think of pork as something more than just one thing like a roast or a certain brand they might not like, the National Pork Board has started airing commercials showing the different applications of the product and launched a website with different recipes and information about it.

Appeal to Inspiration

            The pork industry came up with the slogan, “Be Inspired.” When it comes to cooking you can do anything you want so inspiration is a huge thing. The first time I saw this I actually was inspired and went and bought some. There’s a win for their books. Featuring all of the recipes on their webpage also draws people to it, the images and write-ups make an interesting read and all market the same thing, pork. The commercials show all sorts of different gatherings like cookouts and parties while showing tons of different dishes showcasing this product. Seeing happy people and vibrant images always draws consumers and challenging them to create something by calling on their inspiration is an even better trick. The most interesting thing about this whole campaign for me is that it is on the broad product of “pork.” To me it’s like advertising crackers instead of Cheez-Its or Ritz. It worked on me though. I was inspired and continue to be through the constant reminders and media outlets used by the National Pork Board.

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