Those Pesky YouTube Ads

Anybody else annoyed by the YouTube ads nowadays? I remember being able to go onto the website and pick out a song knowing that I wouldn’t be bombarded by them. Now I have to stick around for 14 seconds to be able to press “skip this ad.”



Over the years, I’ve gotten so used to just going to the site and choosing a link then switching to another tab on my laptop or just walking away completely knowing what I searched for would immediately play. Now I don’t have that comfort. A little part of me dies inside each time I go to a video and the first thing I hear is a little jingle from a Good Housekeeping ad when all I was expecting was a little Phil Collins.


The worst is when I want to watch a video on my phone and I have bad service. The video takes forever to load and will finally does after a few minutes BAM!!! ADVERTISEMENT!!! Now I don’t even want to listen to this song I was so excited for anymore because I don’t want to wait and listen to your boring ad. Thank you YouTube you just shot me down when all I wanted to do was jam out! It’s my music and I need it now!!!


I’ve since broken off my relationship with YouTube and moved onto different websites such as 8tracks to satisfy my musical needs and I wouldn’t be surprised if other people have done the same. I know that YouTube is trying to make money through ads, but I wish there was a better way they could have gone about it.

I won’t lie though, no matter how annoying and inconvenient I think most YouTube ads are, I actually do enjoy the movie trailer ads. I love movies and I don’t mind spending a little time getting excited for movies that are coming out soon.


Other than movie ads, I don’t like what you’ve done with the place YouTube. RIP old days. Please come back… Like Twinkies…

Twinkies Comeback

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