America Runs on Attack Ads

Having worked at a local coffee shop for five years in my hometown, I know how many dedicated coffee drinkers there are in this world, me being one of them. (Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to give up their caffeine like Professor Weinberg.) Many people need, I repeat, NEED a coffee in the morning to start their day and some will even go back for a second or third. Because of this, almost any coffee shop you drive by in the morning will have a line out the door and that still won’t stop costumers from going in to wait for their daily brews. But how does someone choose which coffee shop to give their service to? The famous Dunkin’ Donuts has taken it upon themselves to try and sabotage their competition to make themselves look better and more appealing, but did it really work in their favor?

Starbucks, being another well-known coffee shop, would obviously be a threat to Dunkins. Especially because Starbucks have over 11,100 shops and Dunkin’ Donuts have only 7,200 shops ( Since Dunks are a step behind in size, they took the opportunity of lashing out at Starbucks in their advertising. Dunkins has created commercials, new slogans, and even their own website to attempt to bring down their competition. This war started off with making fun of Starbucks’s fancy sizes (for those who don’t drink Starbucks; the sizes are in Italian), but has escalated to performing a taste test where Dunkin’ Donuts claims they were preferred 58 to 42 percent. With this news, Dunks made this known with their new phrases, “The Truth Is Out, Hate To Say I Told You So,” “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Starbucks,” and “More hard-working Americans preferred the taste of Dunkin’ Donuts over Starbucks,” ( Seems a little harsh doesn’t it?

In my opinion, Dunkin’ Donuts has reached a new level of attacking with their attack ads. Even though the family owned shop that I work at only has 13 stores in total, we would never think to put another coffee shop down like Dunkins has in attempt to help our sales. After seeing things like this, it makes me want to turn my back to Dunkin’ Donuts and support other shops who can advertise in more considerate ways.



About taters

Hey all! My name is Tatum, often referred to as taters, tates, or tots. I am currently a senior at the well-known Zoomass Amherst (in denial that it’s my last year so don’t bring it up) where I am studying Marketing with a minor in English. I live with five of my best friends in the cutest home to ever be found in little old Amherst. My biggest obsession in life is my dog, Maggie, who is the best scruffy mutt you’ll ever see. I’m also a huge New England Patriots fan, mainly Julian Edelman but that’s a different story, as well as all other Boston sports. Geena and I are using this blog to show the world some days in the life of Teena. Enjoy!
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