Social Media Tools for a Perfect Wedding Day


The Perfect Day (With some help from social media)

Weddings take months of planning, loads of patience and tons of money, all for a 6 hour party that goes by in the blink of an eye.  Thankfully, there are several social media tools and applications that can make the planning, and the day of, much easier.

The initial stages of planning a wedding used to include ripped out pages from magazines of dresses, flowers, invitations, favors, etc… that you toted around in a giant folder.  Now Pinterest-Logo-Vector-by-Jon-Bennallick-02with the use of Pinterest, everything is organized in online pin-boards where you can locate your ideas from across the web with the click of a button.  Not to mention the sharing feature that allows you to include your mother, maid or honor, or your wedding planner on the pin-board so they can post ideas and comment on your pins. This tool can really help when meeting with your wedding planner, florist, photographer, invitation designer and wedding party/family.

Sarah's PinBoards

Several pin-boards from my wedding planning days

Of course, Facebook is an all time favorite for everything social!  Besides using it to post facebook logoyour status updates of “only 182 more days to the BIG DAY!” or “The bridesmaids dresses arrived and they’re great because the girls can totally wear these again.” it can also be utilized to organize groups and other events, such as the bridal shower and bachelorette party.  In my last bridesmaid gig, the bride and groom set up a group page just for the bridal party where we received important updates and information on who, what, where, and when (but never why).

This past summer, a friend sent out custom generated invitations via email, text message and through Facebook to download the WedPics application. Wedpics even created a 1234137_338068579660712_12115788_npersonalized banner that was included on her wedding website with a link.  At the wedding, all of the guests took and shared photos and videos from the wedding on a private site for everyone invited to see.  The bride & groom instantly had access to all the photos friends and family took and could organize them into albums for their own personal use.  While you could use this to save some dough on a professional photographer, that’s a gamble you’ll have to take (hire the professional… trust me).

Oh, the Wedding Website! It seems as though everyone and their sister has a website solely dedicated to this one special day.  Why not, it is so easy to create one.  The theknot-logooffers to host a free website that is easy to create with the templates provided.   Of course, you’ll be sucked into their world of everything wedding. But you’re there already, so again, why not?  For those more tech savvy, you could purchase a custom domain name and create your own unique website.  The website is a great way to share information with all of your guests regarding accommodations, directions, registries, local taxi cabs, and fun things to do in the area.  After the wedding, the site can be used to share all of those lovely photos your professional photographer took.

Are you sad that half of the people you invited to your expensive destination wedding can’t make the trip?  Well, now sliderfinalthey can save themselves a few thousand dollars and still be there for the wedding… sort of.  I Do Stream is a website that you can stream your wedding  on a live webcast for guests who can’t make it.  If you really want an audience, go ahead and post that link on Facebook for all your “friends” to see and then tweet about it for good measure.  Who knows, maybe it will go viral. 

So after you’ve spent every dime on this lavish event, how are you going to afford a honeyfund-logo-28678_203x203honeymoon? Ta-Da!  There is even a website where guests can send you money towards your honeymoon as a wedding present. is the world’s most popular honeymoon registry.  Guests can choose to spend money towards airfare, hotel accommodations, excursions, fine dining, etc…   As a guest, it’s nice knowing that the $100 that would have otherwise gone in another wedding card will actually be used on an excursion to pet a koala bear or a romantic sunset dinner for two on the beach.

With all of the websites and applications dedicated to weddings, the possibilities are endless (at least until you run out of money).  My one piece of advice that got me through it all… Something WILL go wrong on your big day.  But if at the end of it all, you both showed up and said I DO, your wedding was a huge success!  Happy wedding planning.

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