Instagram: Why It’s The Best And Worst Thing To Happen To Society

There are 3 types of Instagram users: The “make an Instagram but never go on it” user, the “casual” user and the “creeper”. I’m somewhere on the cusp of “casual” user and “creeper”. Because of the format of the new Instagram popular page, I find myself becoming a full on “creeper”. I have mixed emotions about the format because it shows far too much and hits too close to home. Although I sometimes concern myself for the amount of time and effort I put into Instagram, I just can’t help it. These days people practically base their relationships off of who follows them and who likes their pictures. If you don’t like my picture are you really even my friend? This is a thought that everybody has. There are rules to Instagram like “Follow for Follow” or “give a like get a like”. The rules of Instagram are strictly enforced.

Back to the format of the popular; it used to just show celebrities or pictures that got thousands of likes in a short time. Now, it consists of both celebrities and is based on people you follow. Friends of friends will come up on my popular page and it takes all I have in me not to creep on their Instagram page. Creeping on a random, but friend of a friend, person is dangerous territory. After creeping on an Instagram for far too long, it becomes impossible not to feel like you know that person and you’ve been best friends for years. If you accidentally like a picture and get caught creeping you may think the world is actually going to end. You know the feeling we all had when we watched the news and the snow symbol just kept popping up all around the northeast? Yeah it feels kind of like that.

Instagram makes it possible for you to become friends with someone before even actually meeting them in person. Is there something wrong with this? Probably. On top of the fact that I end up, knowing people that I don’t even truly know, through Instagram, I get to revel in the lives of celebrities. I could spend hours literally stalking a celebrity’s Instagram and hating my lifestyle all at the same time. Instagram gives celebrities the power to showoff how amazing theirs lives are and how dissatisfying everyday life is for everyday people. They Instagram their new cars, flashy new jewelry and beautifully flawless skin while I Instagram my used car that was handed down to me by my brother. It’s a tough life the rest of live when we’re constantly looking at celebrity instagrams. Society is so wrapped up in celebrity news and gossip and Instagram is the driving force. Don’t get me wrong I love Instagram, I love looking at celebrities’ pictures but is this really the way we want to live our lives? Looking at what we don’t have and basing our relationships off of who likes or doesn’t like our pictures. We need to go out and experience these things for ourselves and not live vicariously through Instagram accounts (not that I can talk considering I’m on Instagram for the 15 hours I’m awake during the day) with pictures that are so enhanced and filtered that when we look in real life its all just a lie.

However, I did say that it is also the best thing to happen to society and in a way it is. I personally enjoy the workout Instagrams that promote different workout routines that post before and after results. Although I opt out of going to the gym probably 9/10 times, seeing these workout results does help me get a sense of what I might do once I get to the forbidden place aka the gym. Ironically, I also like to indulge in the food Instagrams. These Instagrams are ways for me to get ideas, both healthy and not so healthy, as to what my next meal might be. Having the food Instagram accounts to try and imitate makes my usual college budget meals a little less boring. I know I bashed on celebrity Instagram accounts earlier and all of what I said is true BUT I still think they’re pretty cool. Looking at celebrity Instagram accounts gives average people like me a sense of what it would be like to live the life of a celebrity.

As much as I hate to say it, Instagram is a guilty pleasure.


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