Coca-Cola: World of Happiness

Crisp, delicious, refreshing, Ahh. The words that describe a Coca-Cola, a beverage I’m sure most of you are familiar with. Remember back in the days when we tuned in to watch the Super Bowl, a couple of polar bears was fumbling with a Coke on the big screen. When you really think about it, The Coca-Cola Company wasn’t just advertising the drink; they were advertising the feelings that are associated with a Coke. Happiness. Coke’s mission is to refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism, and making a difference. Working as a Student Ambassador under The Coca-Cola Company, I worked closely with its social media driven campaigns. Now it sounds like I’m just advertising to you guys because I work for Coke. No, I wanted to share my experiences engaging in the social media aspect of the brand and also how successful Coke has been with its digital campaigns. In this day and age, “hashtagging” and social media are blowing up. Coke did not hesitate to join in on the trend.


What better way to enjoy a Coke than enjoying it with your loved ones. Coca-Cola made sure that you were enjoying your coke and showing your delight off to the world. By simply adding generic names onto Coca-Cola cans, it created a buzz on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People would go to convenient stores to find their own name on a Coke bottle or can. After that, they would share pictures of their Coke on their social media profile. It’s like free advertisement for Coke. It’s a very cost-effective method of getting the brand name out there. I mean, I’m guilty of posting my own picture of a Coke can with my name on it. Just like that, the #ShareaCoke campaign became huge. It’s Coke’s way of adding a little personalization to its product. Coke truly took advantage of the fun people were having. More than 19,894 posts erupted on Instagram, the #ShareaCoke hashtag spiked up on Twitter reaching more than 340,000 mentions, and there were more than 50,000 posts on Facebook. Consumers feel that they’re truly interacting with an iconic brand. It’s crazy how a small idea can spark such an emotional connection locally and globally.


Here’s a video of how much positivity Coke is spreading around the world. Coke’s goal is to target younger consumers during the Summer time. Now what does young and summer have in common? Fun. Active. Passion. For the past years, Coca-Cola has been uploading uplifting videos on YouTube. With the combination of Coke, people, and music, the videos genuinely make you feel uplifted. You don’t just see Coke for its taste, you see Coke for bringing people together in innovative ways. It’s really cool to see how Coke created an event using a Coke machine where people could input their own names and out popped a personalized can. Even UMass, being partnered with Coca-Cola, had their own machine in the Campus Center just last year. There were lines of students excited to have their own named can. Students were truly sharing their experiences on social media.


Coca-Cola #Ahh

The Coca-Cola Ahh effect. What is it? You know that feeling you get when you drink an ice cold Coke on a Summer’s day? Or that indescribable refreshing feeling you get from doing something you enjoy. That is the Coca-Cola Ahh effect, a campaign emphasizing Coke’s great taste and ability to bringing friends and families together. Now I’m going to share a little bit of my experience with this campaign. As a pioneer for this project, I executed and facilitated events that attracted students on campus. The main goal was to inspire students and create positivity through sharing their Ahh moment via social media. There were Coke magnets, markers, and Coke t-shirts for students to illustrate their Ahh moment. Some examples were, “jumping in a pool on a hot day” or “chilling with my best buddies”. At the moment, they would take pictures with their phones and then upload their picture using hashtags like #CokeAhh or any other relevant good feeling hashtags. It gets the students involved and having fun.


Coca-Cola even reached out to big time YouTube sensation Kurt Hugo Schneider to take part in the Coke Ahh Campaign. Kurt reinvents Safe and Sound and Little Talks with the help from fellow YouTubers and television stars like Kevin Olusola, Max Schneider, Zendaya, and Kina Grannis. With over 5,000,000 subscribers, he creates covers of hit songs using Coca-Cola bottles, glasses, and cans as instruments. Talk about cool! Who would have thought of making music by using Coke bottles. The melody and fun atmosphere inspires optimism to its viewers. You can really feel the emotions in this one.


Coca-Cola’s latest campaign focuses on fixing all the negativity across feeds and threads on the Internet. Again, Coca-Cola really likes to bring out the positivity in each and every one of us. They want to make the internet a move positive place. They’ve created a Smile Petition where users can “sign” by posting a picture using the hashtag #MakeitHappy and of course, smiling. They’ve reached out to YouTube stars, celebrities, and athletes to join their cause. Yet again, this is another innovative way to erase the negativity that plagues the net and by joining the movement one can make a difference. It’s a small step towards a big change. Spread happiness, not hate.

(Cue the Coca-Cola jingle)

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