Keds Social Media

By: Michaela Byrne

Do you have a favorite brand or company you follow on social media? Have you ever thought about the thought and effort that goes into every post that you see on social channels? I follow many of my favorite stores, brands, and companies on all social channels and never thought too much about how the posts were developed or how much time was taken to strategically plan when they were posted. It wasn’t until about a month ago that I was able to experience first-hand how much thought and effort goes into a company’s social posts.

I started interning for Wolverine Worldwide in the Keds shoe division two summers ago. This past winter break I went back to work at Keds as the marketing intern working under the creative services and account marketing teams. After about two weeks of working over winter break, the social media coordinator accepted a position for another company and gave her two weeks notice. Although, I was sad to see her go, I realized that this could be a great opportunity for me. I spoke with my manager about my interest in social media and said I would be willing to help with social media in the interim until they found someone to fill the social media coordinator position. I told my manager that I was able to work two days a week once spring semester started (because I have no classes on Monday and Friday) and even could work from Amherst one additional day if I was given a laptop to stay connected. The manager and the marketing team all agreed that this would be a great learning opportunity for me and would fill the temporary void in social media on the marketing team.

So, for the past month, I have been overseeing the Keds’ social media pages. My responsibilities include posting every day across all platforms, thinking of creative copy for captions and or tweets, liking pictures, retweeting and favoriting tweets, and reblogging photos. Keds currently has a social calendar planned through March with what to post each day but there have been various things to come up where we needed to create other posts as well. Just last week, I made a collage for Instagram for Valentine’s Day. It took me almost a full day to plan out all the images we wanted to include, along with which shoes we wanted to showcase. It also entailed sharing ideas with marketing management and getting final approval. The end result was visually appealing and I was so happy about it! Best of all, the feedback was very positive.

Here is the Valentine’s day collage I made:


Here is an example of some copy I came up with for another Valentine’s Day post:

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.28.10 AM

Here is an example of a post I created all on my own yesterday:

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.28.55 AM

I used to always get so excited when a favorite brand or store of mine would like my picture or favorite a tweet. Now, I am the person who gets to bring joy to people by engaging with them through the Keds social media channels. I have always been interested in social media and I have found this job to be enjoyable, challenging and creative. However, before being involved in the social media aspect of marketing, I never would have guessed how much planning, time, effort, and creativeness goes into every single post. I also never thought about the time it takes someone to post across all channels. It usually takes me, on average, about a half hour to post across all of Keds social media channels. I feel like before I was working with Keds’ social media I never really thought about how there was someone sitting behind a computer or phone physically posting.

I have told many people that I have been overseeing the Keds’ social media and they think it is really cool that I get paid to be on social media the majority of the day. What they don’t understand is that I am constantly trying to brainstorm new ideas or creative copy to engage with our consumers. I also create a weekly status report that is sent out company-wide showcasing how well our social media engaged with our consumers. It is a lot of numbers and calculations such as how many followers all our pages have, how much our fans have grown from the previous week, how much engagement we had on specific channels, and our share of voice compared to our competitors. Each week I am so excited to do the report and see the results from some of the posts I helped create.

I am very happy that I’ve have had the opportunity to work on Keds’ social media. It has shown me how creative I can be as well as a new area of marketing that I am completely in love with. I now have shifted the focus of my job search from general marketing positions towards looking for social media positions within marketing.   I feel that I have learned so much and genuinely love working on social media.

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