NFL on Social Media

When it comes to social media there is one organization that is always on your news feed. The NFL is an organization has grown with the times and stays current on all social media platforms.  The NFL has tons of great social media messages they send out, from a Play60 commercial to a tweet about the upcoming draft class.  The NFL has been upholding the integrity of The Shield for almost a hundred years, but recently the integrity of the league is being questioned.

There are people who think the NFL is just a bunch of thugs in pads hitting each other. Which sometimes it is, but the issue comes when these so called thugs go out and send some ridiculous tweet for millions of people to see.  Or when Ray Rice hits his girlfriend on video and the video is leaked all over social media for the whole world to see.  You cannot blame the NFL for the actions of some of these players, but they still have to deal with it. These kind of problems are difficult to address on social media.  I’m sure the NFL gets hundreds of negative tweets a day about these issue, but they always seem to handle it very professionally.  They try to take a firm stance and get their message out there for fans. (Whether you agree with them or not is a whole different subject).

The NFL Twitter account is very active.  They are constantly posting about upcoming match-ups, future draft picks, and everything football.  #NFL or any hashtag with NFL in it has easily become one of the most popular hashtags on twitter.  Sometimes these tweets may not be the most positive message the NFL wants to be associated with but like some people say “any press is good press”.  Over these past couple months you couldn’t be on Facebook, Twitter, Yikyak, or Snapchat, without seeing something for the NFL.  It could be a tweet about deflate gate or a snapchat of someone in a Tom Brady jersey.  The NFL is everywhere you look on social media.  It has become so talked about on social media these past couple months due to a few different reasons, mostly negative, but they still get fans in the seats.

I feel that the general public does has respect for the NFL as an organization, it is just a shame how some people can ruin it like nothing.   And the biggest problem for the NFL is nothing goes unseen.  These days everything is on the internet.  If anything happens it is leaked all over Twitter.  Then next it is debated by people all over Facebook who don’t even know each other.  But at the end of the day these people are talking about your organization.  Maybe not directly, but if they are talking about Tom Brady then they are talking NFL.  Also while people have these discussions on Twitter and Facebook, they are not usually laying blame on the NFL, it is usually on the individual.

The NFL has to face the challenge of handling certain organization member who break the rules, some on a frequent basis.  The NFL has always taken a very respectable approach in years past of how they handle their public relations following the issue.  They take full advantage of all social media platforms in helping aid them in getting their message out there to fans.

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