The New Age of Advertising

Advertising has been changing over the years, and the way companies have connected with their customers has gotten more and more creative.  Every so often a new ad campaign is introduced that catches the attention of the general public, and influences the way products are marketed in the future.


One ad that comes to mind is the Chipotle Scarecrow campaign.  In this campaign, introduced in 2013, they featured the sad story of the Scarecrow that had to work in the food processing factory.  We learn later in the advertisement that the scarecrow is a farmer and decides to make his own food to sell that is healthier than the competition.  The scarecrow in the ad represents Chipotle, and their message was that as a restaurant they strive to use healthier ingredients and set themselves apart from the competition.  Along with the video ad, Chipotle also introduced a game app based of the scarecrow ad.  This was a brilliant strategy because it engaged a large range of ages in the same campaign.  I believe that because this campaign was so successful, we are going to see many more campaigns modeled after it.


Another ad that changed the course of advertising is the Budweiser puppy ads.  During Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014, Budweiser changed the pace of the majority of Super Bowl ads and went with a more cute theme.  This ad was so well received that most of the ads in the Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 went with a cute or serious theme for an ad.  This puppy dog campaign was a great choice in my opinion.  It was just different enough from their usual ads, but still had the things fans expect to see, like the Clydesdales.

Most super bowl ads all air during the superbowl.  Even though this year’s puppy Super Bowl ad was featured during the game, it was also released to the public online a few days before.  I believe this is in response to the growing consumer need for rapid information. For example, on Black Friday stores started opening their doors at 5pm on Thursday. Just like on Black Friday consumers couldn’t wait to see what the Super Bowl ads were going to be, so the companies released them in advance in order to get people excited, as well as to get preliminary reactions before the ad’s grand debut.  I believe that we will continue to see a trend of holiday or event ad campaigns being released before they typically would be.


Coca-Cola is one of the first companies that I think of when I think of brilliant ad campaigns.  From the Enjoy Thirst campaign to Open Happiness, Coca Cola has done a great job over the years with their ads.  However, I think one of the best campaigns they have had has been the, “Share a Coke with..” movement.  The idea was to get consumers involved and interested in the advertisement, and not just the product.  By printing very common first names on the bottles of Coke, they added a level of interaction that was not present in their earlier marketing techniques.

One of the ways Coca-Cola is able to spread this movement was to bring specialized Coca-Cola vending machines to colleges and public places.  In this opportunity, one is able to type in their name and a name of a friend and then the machine will spit out two Cokes with the names on the can.  I think this is a fantastic way to engage your customers and help get the product to trend.

The Future:

With all of these great marketing campaigns coming out over the last few years, one has to wonder what we can look forward to in the future.  I believe that the future of product marketing is a interactive one.  The old way of getting your product heard of was to tell people about it and hope that they listen.  The new way will be to get your audience involved and interested about the product.  You want the customer to feel that the product was made just for them, even though the product was made for the masses.  Coke enabled customization and interaction with the Share a Coke movement, and Chipotle developed family-friendly, interactive advertisements with The Scarecrow.

With all of these brilliant marketing marketing campaigns emerging over the last few years, I cannot wait to see which corporation is going to have the next big marketing break.

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