The Nature of Social Media

I love the beauty of nature. If I had all the time and money in the world, I would visit every site imaginable. Alas, my only sane option is to see those beautiful locations through pictures. Social media has made it possible to see photos that people have posted so I can see the beauty myself…through other people’s cameras. I find nature scenery pictures to be so calming and I have subscribed to a few pages, groups, and people on Facebook and Instagram. You may ask me, what types of nature landscaping pictures are there on social media? My own designated categories are: tropical, arctic, desert, atmospheric, pastoral, aquatic, celestial, floral, woodsy, and mountain.

Additionally, I have numerous photos that I’ve taken myself of pretty sunsets, crisp blue ocean waters, and lots of gorgeous flowers. Oh the feels. Remember, life is short. Take pictures. It is reported that the number of adult Internet users that utilize social media increases yearly. There are 1 billion active Facebook users, and 100 million monthly Instagram users. Posting nature photos on social media makes for good marketing for vacation resorts worldwide, and for places not publicized or thought of as breathtaking places to experience.

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Likewise, sharing photos on social media increases tourism and spreads wondrous views from all over the world. It helps to promote photos by adding a special hashtag like #MyBahamasAdventure or #TheresNothingLikeNorway. There are also Facebook groups such as, “Visit Japan 2014” or pages like, “Visit Peru,” with pictures of the countries. Groups and pages like these include discussions and suggest the best locations in the countries to take amazing nature photos. This appeals to vacation planners, nature photography fans, and for local residents too.

Accordingly, I find that the most popular Facebook and Instagram nature pages are driven by passion. Profiles are updated frequently to keep viewers interested. Reaching a multitude of emotions such as peacefulness and exhilaration appeals to both the heart and soul. Social media has made it integral for users to be able to check in at locations and tag pictures based on location. Even seeing past vacation pictures and current trips will encourage people to travel and take new photos.


I currently follow Nature Photos Worldwide and Nature Photos on Facebook. They are groups that post personal photos generated by group members. They can get you your nature fix. You don’t have to be a professional nature photographer to take and post your own photos on there. There are also pages you can like that have plenty of pictures on there as well.

On Instagram, you can search for nature photos using hashtags or by names. #nature is the simplest way to view photos taken all over the world, or if you want to view a certain location, you can search for it by using a hashtag and the name of the location too. Here is a list of 10 amazing nature photographers to follow on Instagram.


In addition, I personally like scenic photos that don’t include filters, selfies or people in it. However, this is a list for some travel Instagram accounts that includes pictures of people in some of the scenes.

Furthermore, if you take any nature photos yourself or would like to make a hobby out of it, here are some tips on how to take the perfect shot:

  • Be prepared for any sudden or impending weather at the time of your shoot
  • Take it at the time you think the scene is most beautiful
  • Keep a steady hand when you hold the camera
  • Have fun, don’t stress about the picture!
  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
  • Lastly, smile, even if you’re not in the picture, because you just captured a fantastic moment 🙂

Enjoy the views everyone!


About Mary

I am a college student at UMass Amherst, with a passion for marketing in sales research. I am a great listener, advice giver, positive supporter, and friend. I enjoy listening to stories and suggesting advice to friends and family.
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