The art in Advertising

Is the era of great artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Francisco Goya and even today’s well known graffiti artists Banksy a dying age because of a shift into a technological era? Although it may be true that the appreciation for traditional methods of art is slowly fading away I think that another era or artists is blooming. This is an era of planned art, a form of art that has a driving purpose and a goal within its intriguing nature. This form of new art is advertising.

This new age of advertising is inescapable. They are found virtually everywhere in our lives, but here I’m going to specifically talk about advertisements that flood social media platforms that is becoming more and more popular in today’s culture.

One great advantage social media has over other forms of advertising is that companies can be very specific about the demographic they are willing to target. Since people write a lot of personal information on social media it has proven to be one of the best way to target specific people. The growing need for companies to differentiate themselves from others through building a brand image is the engine that runs this culture. As trends come and go, advertisers must always be alert and willing to ride these temporary waves of “what’s in” in order to best reach audiences. The use of television and newspapers is declining while the use of computers and cell phones is on the rise. Thus it is only natural to conclude that advertisers are starting to shift from older forms of mass communication to Internet based platforms.

According to Google the definition of art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power”. It is not uncommon to think of advertising as something separate from other forms of art that we have been conditioned to believe as “real art”. I think this is because earlier forms of art were inspired from the heart, while advertising is a logically planned piece of work. By its very nature its main goal is to intrigue people through many different methods for its ultimate goal of creating customer awareness, enhancing brand image or simply to attract more customers. Companies have gone out of their way to catch the eyes of consumers in ways that that some of us can’t even imagine including myself. Another merit that advertisers have that often goes unappreciated is their ability to instill some kind of thought or emotion into their audience. Advertising agents work with a disadvantage as compared to traditional artists as viewers are already much more skeptical towards ads. Since ads represent brand names as opposed to names of the artist themselves it dehumanizes their work and thus makes it more difficult to emotionally impact people. Good ads can have a huge impact on the sales associated with the brand. These ads usually always reach people’s emotions to some degree breaking through their skeptic minds. Some of the most powerful and simple ads that I have compiled are at the end of this blog.

I don’t think all ads are as artistic as others. While every advertisement that exists has some degree of creativity only the ones that actually emotionally or intellectually impact me are those that I truly appreciate. More recently ads are becoming less about informing their customers as they are about giving the brand a personality and solidifying this in the minds of consumers. To achieve this is takes a huge amount of research, creativity, imagination, psychology, planning, and the ability to step into the consumer’s shoes. I have noticed some common themes and barriers to the creativity that ad agents can express in their work. Since the most effective way to get into the minds of consumers is through emotion, they must use tools or images that have the ability to do so. They have to use preconceived ideas about the world around us so that viewers can automatically interpret the ad quickly while still showing creativity. Companies also have budget constraints that can greatly affect the quality of their ads. Other kinds of ads that are more informative do not captivate my attention as much.

Along with the complexities than come with its content advertisers also must be well informed about which social media space is more appropriate; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. Companies often keep a YouTube channel where they upload videos on a weekly or monthly basis. The effective use of social media to display some of their best works of art can deeply impact the business in a positive light if lots of thought and work has been put into these ads, just like any other form of art.

1. Weight watchers

Weigh watchers

2. Ecovia: Stop the violence

creative-print-ads-57_opt (1)


3. Keloptic


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