To Swipe Right, Or Not To Swipe Right

Social Media. It is a way of life now. We use it to communicate, shop, learn about current events, or just to get our opinions out there. Social Media has revolutionized our world in so many ways; it is hard to remember what life was like without it. Though social media has made our lives immensely easier, and we can catch up with someone at the speed of light, do we rely on it too much?

In many ways social media has been a blessing to our society, but there are some social media outlets that make me question how much trust we put into them. The most “iffy” social media application that an estimated 40 million people are using is called Tinder. Tinder is a social media tool that singles use to meet other singles. I am not completely throwing away the idea of online dating because I know it does work for some people, but just the premise of this app makes my stomach turn. The way it is used is each single will put up one to four pictures of themselves and a short biography. Based on those factors, and those factors alone, if another single likes the way you look they will swipe right, but if you do not meet their standards they will swipe left. I mean, how shallow can we be? If you find someone that you see potential with based solely on their looks, and swipe right and they also swipe right in your favor the screen will say, “It’s a Match!” In this scenario you are allowed to start chatting with this complete stranger.

One problem I have with this online way of meeting people is not just the chatting, but the fact that people are actually meeting up with their matches. Didn’t your parents ever tell you “Don’t talk to strangers” let alone meet up with them. After you get through the first phase of meeting this person and making sure they are not dangerous, or anything along those lines, you can form an in-person relationship with them (I know many people that have done this). I do not love the idea of being in a relationship with someone you met on Tinder. When your kids ask how you and your spouse met what will you say? “Oh well there was this app where you meet people based on looks and your mommy looked pretty good to me.” I do not think they will appreciate that, but with the amount of people using Tinder to meet their soul mate, the kids may have to get used to it.

Another issue I have with this is when people do not even meet their match in person at all. They just have a chat room type of relationship, in which case when you may think you are talking to a 20-year-old male basketball player from Boston, but you could really be talking to a 50-year-old female farmer that happens to be in the same area. They try to weave out these types of imposters by making you sign in with your Facebook account, but people who pretend to be someone else on Tinder will have no problem doing so on Facbook. Basically, making a fake account to make another fake account. There are some crazy people out there, and that is why I think we all need to be smarter when it comes to social media because you never know who is behind the screen.

To wrap things up, as you might have guessed I am not the biggest Tinder fan, and I truly believe we should not be so reliant on these types of social media outlets. With that being said, I would like to say that if two people have met on Tinder and are happy together, I am happy for you, but I still wish that you met a different way… Kidding… Sort of.


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