ASOS, “Discover fashion online”

Have you ever heard ASOS? Have you ever enjoyed shopping in

No? This time, you are out!

Asos-logo is a British online beauty and fashion retail firm. “Discover fashion online”, as its slogan, using successful marketing strategy in various social media, showcases their business thoughts and ideas. Over 850 global brands and Its own designed products among clothing, footwear, beauty, accessories and jewelry attract most young adults, especially internet savvy people and celebrities as British singer Rita Ora and U.S First Lady Michelle Obama.

ASOS is burgeoning these 3 years from 2012. It reported a £495million with 46% increase in sales of 2012 whereas in the latest financial year of 2014 jumped to £975.5 million.

What makes ASOS grow so rapidly?

Apparently, I would say social media.

From my investigation and thoughts, ASOS is unlike the traditional online retailer only promoting and advertising products via official websites and social media accounts, which looks aloof to their users. Instead, ASOS is trying to build a clear brand personality and make closeness by using social media to communicate with youngsters themselves.

By varied social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Printerest, Instagram, Youtube and etc., ASOS largely interacts with potential young customers about entertainments on fashion magazine or news rather than merely promoting Its products. Besides, ASOS also encourages their creative and inspiring followers to discuss current popular topics which related to fashion and beauty, or post their purchase experience and opinion with ASOS. Some online users might know this brand deeply by friends’ sharing in social media before their first purchase.

For example, ASOS Twitter account will share the daily topic about fashion or beauty with celebrities’ activities, or some tips of clothing collections. In the ASOS official Youtube page, also has a series of band shows to give a sense to those young people: ASOS is so cool!

Look at the following picture which demonstrates how big influence with ASOS social media.


This time, ASOS makes approach to young customers and becomes their devoted friend. These interactions and activities shows ASOS really care about Its customers and cultivates the customers’ loyalty.

Social media assist customers have the voice to share their either good or bad experience, at the same time, also help ASOS to build friendly characteristic to customers.

If only spread by online common users, ASOS cannot be known so quickly by the world. It is smart to find young celebrities as Its supporters. ASOS will also interact with celebrities to include promotion codes. These all made the advertising smooth and reasonable.(See the picture below)


From the success story from ASOS, lets go back to answer the question again:

What makes ASOS grow so rapidly?

In details, I should say the opportune use of social media to build brand personality.

The well-established brand personality shows the corporate has a clear position in the market and aims the proper targeted customer group. This is the fundamental step of marketing. For ASOS, the group is youngsters, especially who have the preference in fashion and beauty. They love vogue and are involved in mode. In the ASOS, they have over 850 choices from expensive luxury brands to affordable popular brands and those brands are not only indigenous in Britain but also heterogenous from Europe, U.S.A, Australia internationally. My friend who is a big fan of ASOS told me one of the reason she would choose is the eclectic brands including.

The curial step is the wise use of social media. ASOS is the online retail. The strength is also Its weakness. That means, ASOS was borned and has developed online, which would have a more influence and users online than those companies primarily own entity stores with adjunct virtual stores. However, ASOS is not familiar with most people because it doesn’t have the entity. People cannot walk on by in the street and figure out the brand.

This time, ASOS wants people “walk on by” in the internet.  Posting daily concerned news about entertainment section, #fashion, reposting customers’ reviews, all of the social activities can pay those young peoples’ attentions. Fleetingly to glance in first time and curiously to have a look in second time and third time, might follow this account and click! Users can clearly discern what ASOS did with social media is distinct with other retailers. This difference makes ASOS stand out. Gradually, in their minds, ASOS is close to them, close to fashion. Brand personality is shaping.

Having a stable chronic relationship with customers is not easy. Building a successful brand personality is much harder in traditional way. Nowadays, Blog, Twitter, Facebook or other social media prevail the virtual world and even affects the real world, which help corporate build relation with customers quickly and easily. It is the best chance for corporate to make the brand.

Let’s discover next fashion online!

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