Facebook can enhance (RUIN) your relationship


Nowadays, it is extremely difficult to separate our life from the use of Facebook. After we are done with a delicious meal, we upload it to the Facebook! When I broke up with my girlfriend, I share my sadness with my friends through Facebook! Basically you can do everything on the Facebook. I feel like Facebook has become everyone’s routine diary, we record and share our lives. The only difference between these two is that Facebook does not have any privacy. Which reminded me s quote from one of my college professor, “Once you start to use Facebook, you have already abandon your personal privacy”.

There is no doubt that sharing our every moments instantly is a wonderful thing in the world. Because it’s so convenient, the only thing we need to do is a few clicks on the mouse. However, those internet (Social Medias) habits is changing our lives gradually and even generate more conflicts between people.

Messenger VS. Phone Number

Not knowing the real thought even they are

Not knowing the real thought even they are “CLOSE”

Before Facebook was born, the only way to connect with people is to personally ask for their numbers. When I turn on my phone, first thing is to dial my friend’s number. Right now, the first thing that I do is to open up the Facebook application. Due to the improvement of Social Medias, we can now webcam with them as long as we have the person’s user ID and the internet. Compare to traditional interaction, Facebook has provided us many ways that can reinforce the message that we send by adding some pictures or cartoon emotes. It’s true that those things would make the content more interesting as well as making our interaction more vivid; however, people might unconsciously pay more attention to the content itself rather than you as a person. If people do pay more attention to the images instead of the message you are trying to deliver, the communication somehow becomes meaningless too.

Digital Birthday Wishes


I am pretty sure everyone who use Facebook are aware of Birthday Remainder function. The existence of this function allow us not to skip any of our friends’ birthday. The way that we say birthday wishes have become way cheaper than before as well. We can simply post a birthday wishes with a lovely cartoon emote in order to express our sincere blessing. Buy a birthday card or a phone call seems like a luxury move to us now.

~With the existence of Facebook, the relationship between friends have become cheaper                 because there is no need for us to decorate our sincere concern. And gradually,                                                                                               we  have become cheaper as a person

Longer Facebook Time, Less Happiness

According to a research from Michigan University. In a two weeks of study, the  result shows that the longer you spend on the Facebook the less happy you will be.  They concluded that even though having lots of friends on the Facebook can only temporary satisfy the connection between people. But when considering psychological aspect, the result is a whole lot of different. Let me make another concrete example. When we are happy and satisfied, browsing Facebook will not cause us any issues. But what if you are feeling sad? Seeing everyone else is having fun on the Facebook except you. I think it might reinforce your sadness eventually.


I am not trying to convince people that Facebook and other similar Social Medias should not be created. It’s wonderful to have such a convenient tool in our lives where we can reach people whenever and wherever we want. But I still think that the development of Social Medias could potentially harm us in certain ways if we do not use them appropriately. People tend to rely on those things to communicate with others. As a result, people lose the ability and habit to do the “real” socializing because they are used to face a computer rather than a real person.

But what if those Social Medias are never exist? This question came out from my head when I was writing this blog. Perhaps, I will never have the chance to reconnect with my friends from elementary school. And most importantly, I will never have the access to interact with my family that is living the other side of the earth. So there is no doubt that the existence of Social Medias is essential, but it is also important not to addict to it.

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