Social Media for “Grown Ups”

So here I am, only two classes away from being an official college graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, majoring in both Marketing and Hospitality Tourism Management from the Isenberg School of Management. They say after you graduate you’re officially a grown up in the real world, blah blah blah. Yes, this is somewhat true, but it certainly does not happen over night. There are several steps we have to take before it becomes official. I believe that one of those is to become more aware of what is going on around you, whether it is tech-related, politics, local news, sports, and everything in between, it is necessary when becoming a “real adult,” as they say.

So now I say to myself, “ugh..I have to watch the news every day?” “What about a newspaper?” “How much do those even cost?” “Where do I put all that paper when I’m done reading it?” “What if I don’t have time to sit and watch the news?” But then it hits me, it’s 2015 and all of that information is in my hands (literally) on my iPhone. I just need to utilize my resources, all these social media, the right way.

I created another Twitter account for the purpose of this class and I chose to follow a lot of accounts that would inform me about what is going on in the U.S. and around the world, and also news about my favorite brands/organizations. I followed accounts such as Forbes, Forbes Tech, H&M, Target, XFINITY, NY Times Travel, SportsCenter, and Business Insider. I’ve found myself really enjoying scrolling through this timeline of very few accounts, yet a lot of useful information and links to articles. I think soon I will choose to de-activate my other account and start using this Twitter account and act more as a consumer rather than a complainer… haha. I also have never used Twitter as a form of customer service. I have read articles stating that it works wonders. I plan to try this out often in the future too! The following is a link to an awesome article titled “Twitter Might Be the Most Important Customer Service Center You Have”

I’ve already started my “grown up” Facebook account. I deactivated my first Facebook account one year into college when I realized I had an extreme number of Facebook friends I didn’t really know too well or care much about. I made a new one over a year later right before I studied abroad in Spain so that I could post my hundreds of pictures for my closest friends and family members to look at. Now, I only have 560 friends and very rarely do I scroll through my timeline and read uninteresting posts. The whole “sharing” thing has also led me to some interesting reads, both funny and serious. I rarely post anything besides shared articles and photos, and I find that a lot of my Facebook friends do the same.

Instagram is definitely my favorite social media outlet and the one I spend the most time on. I blame that on my passion for taking pictures, which certainly grew during my travels. Even if the photos aren’t of beautiful landmarks in Europe, I take advantage of any place I am visiting, even if it is Boston or a beach close by, to post a cool picture. On Instagram, I follow a lot of travel accounts, as well as my favorite clothing stores. I think following these types of accounts on a visual platform such as Instagram is great because all you really need are pictures or videos of outfit combinations or a beautiful foreign destination to get the message across. I scroll through and simply think “I’d love to visit there” or “I love those shoes.” That’s all I really need for me to be drawn to that type of product. I plan on keeping my Instagram account as I begin this journey of growing up. I will continue to add more and more pictures of new and exciting places I have visited over time, and hope the friends I follow can show me what interesting things they are doing, such as the gourmet meals they are eating in New York, the views from the Grand Canyon, or the beaches of Southeast Asia!

Though I plan to slightly change my use of social media over the next few years, I am also happy that these outlets will be a way of staying in touch with people I have met throughout high school, college, studying abroad, and more. My dad claims he is against social media, but maybe having him read this post can change his outlook!

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