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Google to Show Tweets in Search Results (again!)

On February 4th, 2015, reported that “in the first half of the year” Google search results will show Tweets in real time. The two parties have agreed to a deal that will give Google access to the Twitter “Firehose” – a … Continue reading

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You Can’t Afford To Ignore Customer Lifetime Value

While many service-oriented businesses have embraced quantitative based methods of identifying and focusing on their most profitable customers the potential of squandering this powerful data brings its own risks. The proliferation of customer loyalty programs in recent years seems to support this, but … Continue reading

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The Loss of Personal Privacy in a New Mobile World Order.

With the development of the internet and its spread into the fabric of society from the late 1990’s and well into the 2000’s, industries have experienced a fundamental shift in how to do business.  Companies have had to adapt their … Continue reading

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Single Use Manufacturing, A Green Engineer’s Worst Nightmare

It’s been dubbed “The future of biotechnology”. Single use systems allow biotechnology companies to make something in a pre-sterilized plastic assembly.  These systems, only used once, are then thrown away. Sounds simple, right? You don’t have to clean it before … Continue reading

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This Thursday’s NFL Game is Terrible…but I’m Still Going to Watch

When the Tennessee Titans kick-off against the Jacksonville Jaguars for this week’s edition of Thursday Night Football, I’ll be tuning in along with millions of other professional football fans.  The game will arguably be one of the least compelling match-ups … Continue reading

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Are Millennials Changing the Face of Marketing?

WHO ARE MILLENNIALS?  Millennials are those who were born between approximately 1980 and 2004.  Most millennials are at the beginning or middle stages of the major milestones of life- jobs, houses, marriages, and kids-but are doing these significantly later later in life. … Continue reading

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I have no favorite airline out the airlines not named Jet Blue

I have no favorite airline out of the airlines not named JetBlue Early on in my life travel was positioned in my mind as a nuisance. The transportation portion of moving from one place to another was an anxious and … Continue reading

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