Building Your Brand On The Social Media

Digital Marketing is an umbrella for a number of marketing activities that mainly use the Internet as a core promotional medium to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them. Digital marketing activities include search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and display advertising.

Social media is omnipresent. It has the ability to connect, to compel, to convert. According to statista, Facebook monthly active users increased from 100 thousands in the third quarter of 2008 to 1.59 billion in the fourth quarter of 2015. That’s about a quarter of the whole world population on Facebook alone!

Individuals, businesses, social organizations, the government can’t afford to ignore this opportunity to reach this huge population. Many have already understood that and have been leading very successful campaigns on the social media, others didn’t do so well. Many startups have relied entirely on the low cost social media campaigning to deliver their messages and spread awareness to their brand.

A few choices that I found to make a social media presence successful:

1. Publishing content relevant to the social media network

It’s important to understand the differences between social media networks. For example, people go to LinkedIn for work related content; so if you’re in the business of career coaching this should be your network of choice. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use other social media to spread your message. But probably Snap Chat wouldn’t add a lot of value, in fact it may make you look unprofessional to some.

2. Valuable content

When people enjoy the content you publish and find it useful, it’s a sure fire way to attract and retain audience. People will love your brand and will happily share your content and spread it to their networks. In my opinion, the best content is that which triggers conversation; people will share it, comment on it back and forth, and that’s going to attract curiosity from everyone scrolling down the numerous posts on their feeds.

Another way to add value to your content, is to create some promotions and coupons for your followers or subscribers. Of course it depends on the brand that you’re trying to build but it’s usually an attractive perk.

3. Understand your customers

The more you learn about your customers, the better you can relate to them and the better you can craft content to build your brand. A popular and extremely useful tool to achieve that is using analytics. For example, on this word press account, I can use its built in dashboards to see the number of unique views to each post, which countries they come from, which days of the week are most popular, which social network the post was shared to led to views,…etc. Tapping into this information treasure of analytics is critical to your brand success.

4. Scheduling

It’s important to find the right moment in which to share your content. Think of the upcoming Valentine’s day, people may be looking for ideas for gifts, travel,… If possible, connect that to your brand and leverage that.

5. Leveraging influencers

Influencers can help you build your brand much faster than you can imagine. If you have something that can be of particular interest to one or more of these influencers, make sure to directly send it to them, tag them, ask them. If you get a share or retweet from them, you will see a spike in your content views. It’s on you and on the quality of your content now to retain all those leads that you gained just by a retweet from someone with a million followers!

6. Paid promotions

Paid promotions do help, especially on platforms where they have enough knowledge of their users, which is basically every major social network! For example, if you’re someone into small planes and aviation, like me, your Facebook news feed will show up some Ads from aviation clubs and schools. It’s another way to reach interested but under served potential. Again, it depends on the quality of your content to retain these customers that you paid to get their attention in the first place.

Of course, not every choice has to be implemented for every brand. Also, this is not an exhaustive list, these are just some choices that I saw and noticed to make a difference.



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