Impression of musicians on SNS

Nowadays there are so many musicians use social media as a tool of expressing their music. I know so many musicians use soundcloud, and facebook to express their music, and give information of their lives to their friends or other people to acquire new listener. Some musician are getting famous by huge hits on YouTube. So many musicians are putting their live shows or music videos on internet to let people know their music.

Many people are getting information of their favorite artists on Social media, some people check what kind of clothes they wear to get same style of clothes. Some people, such as teenager are hugely influenced by their behavior, and try to behave like them by watching interview of their favorite musicians. There are so many use of social media on just to check favorite musicians.

Before I come to the USA, I had so many favorite musicians from USA and UK, and I’ve only seen them on YouTube. Especially the way they talk, the way they wear clothes hugely influence on my behavior and lifestyle. I surely remember the first day I arrived at Boston, there was the show of my favorite artist named Jake Bugg. He is the reason why I started playing guitar, and I was hugely influenced by his music and behavior on interviews on YouTube. I went to a venue held his show earlier than anybody to have a chance to see him. Fortunately, there was a him at an entrance of the venue, and I had a chance to talk with him. From his behavior on interview on YouTube, he se1510846_571641059580520_1191153936_n_optemed very cold person, but when I actually talked with him, he was very nice person, and he was very bright person, which I totally didn’t expect from his interview on You
Tube. As you can see on images left side, there is huge differences between the image of me and him and only himself. It shows how social media change impression of artists. I realized how social media impacts on putting misconception of artists on audience’s mind. I realized they are all human, but social media makes artists be inhuman. 463898949_1863368140001_vs-50641b762125b0e4d0406507-1592194037001_optAudiences tend to misunderstand that musicians that has huge number of playing on YouTube are very talented and abnormal people, but social media makes them abnormal people. In other word, artists who can’t use social media well can’t be famous no matter how hard they try unless they are so handsome and very talented, because even if you just put the best songs ever have been made that have been made by  you on internet, and even if it’s better than “Shake it off”. Unfortunately no one will watch that, because there is no way for people to find out your music from millions of music on Internet. The important thing is that social media has ability to make normal people be over talented person. If you could use social media very well, you could be very successful at not only music industry but anything. Getting know by many people on media will be huge advantage in the future to survive at competitive industries, so using Social media is the huge part of a skill for musicians to make them famous or express their music efficiently.

Even though social media has big portion of putting impressions of musicians on people’s mind. Musicians who’s got fame might try to hide their real personality on social media. I have been to so many shows of my favorite musicians, and have had chances to talk with them. Each time I think about them  when I actually talk with them is that they are not people like we see them on interview on internet. I think they try to hide their real personality on social media to try to look themselves as different people from us.  Of course they are all human, and they want people see them as a cool person. It’s important to know that behavior of musicians on Social media are not always “real”, and it’s important to judge what’s real or not, because there are so many people are influenced by their favorite musician’s behavior, and the way of talking and the way of wearing clothes hugely influence their fan’s lifestyle. I still wear same style of clothes that my favorite musician wears, and try to talk like my favorite musician.  Some people starts taking drugs, because social media reports their favorite musician get into drug addicts, and sometimes these information are not truth, and their fans got into danger of drug addicts. I know some of people got eating disorder due to the images of their favorite artists on Social media. Especially teenager who doesn’t have appropriate diet knowledges tend to start extreme diet in order to come close to images of their favorite artists on Social Media. We really need to have doubtful mind when we check on social media. Especially when you check your favorite artists, you tend to believe wrong impression that has been made by social media. That’s very dangerous for fans to believe everything of their favorite musician on social media, because it has been made by social media, and they can’t distinguish what’s true or not. Most of images of famous people nowadays are created by information and images on social media such as YouTube. Especially these captured images are tiny portion of their real personalities, so we need to be careful on images of musicians who has been created by social media and media.

Social media is very useful and necessarily to express music for musician, and it’s very useful sources to find out good music and get information of your favorite musicians, but there is always euphemistic expression, and it’s important to know everything on there is not true, and images of favorites artists has huge portions of forming young age people’s personality and their perspectives. We can’t change the way of Social media that has already been created by society, but we can always change ways and use of social media, so parents needs to tell their children that images on social media is not always true.


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