Instagram and Study Abroad

These two terms go hand in hand nowadays with more and more college students studying overseas for a semester or for a summer. Usually when one travels to foreign countries they tell their close friends and family about stories and adventures that took place along the way. However with Instagram they do not only tell their friends and family, they show them along with the rest of their followers the world through their very own pictures.

This past semester I was lucky enough to study in Torino, Italy from mid-January to mid-May. Along the way I visited countless cities, towns, and villages throughout Italy itself as well as six other countries. These included Germany, Belgium, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, and Austria. My phone was my go to for a camera and Instagram was the go to app to show my friends where I have gone and what I have seen. It is amazing what can be done with a camera and a photo sharing app.

Throughout my entire time away from the United States I ended up posting 16 pictures, roughly one per week. It was a great way to keep in touch with friends and make them jealous along the way. I had many other friends abroad this past semester, studying in Florence, Rome, London, Barcelona, Glasgow, and Australia. Each of them has their own Instagram account and they too would post their weekend getaways. day trips, and views from their host cities all the time. It was a great way for me to see all the places they had gone and even gave me inspiration to go to certain cities and take similar pictures. For example a friend of mine went to Brussels and posted a picture of herself eating a waffle so I tried to do something similar and it came out like this.


I just so happened to be going to Brussels and figured why not sample the local flavor, who knew that waffles in Brussels were so good. Without Instagram I may have found out sooner or later, but with the help of my friend I knew exactly what to do once I got into Belgium: find a waffle or five and take a picture with at least one of them.

Instagram, as many people already know, also has a cool feature that allows you to share videos as well as pictures. I took advantage of this twice, once to show an orange throwing festival I went to and the other to show off my newly found skiing skills.videos

Unfortunately I am not allowed to post videos here but these are screenshots of the beginning of each of the videos I posted. The one on the left ( is on Fat Tuesday in a town called Ivrea, Italy. Each year for Carnevale they get together for three straight days and have the tradition of parading around town in carts like the one above and pelting each other with oranges (no idea where the tradition came from, but it was certainly fun to be a part of). The one on the right ( is of me skiing in the Alps and I wish this video could be posted as it is absolutely hilarious. This was my first time ever skiing and as the caption says it looks like I was literally going 0 mph. When I first asked my friend why he shot it in slow motion he looked at me and said it wasnt and we shared a good laugh. With this video sharing feature I was allowed to show people close to me a very strange yet fascinating tradition as well as an extremely funny video that I will never let down and will never forget.

I would like to thank Instagram for being around and for letting me, and others like me, to show our experiences in foreign places and let our friend, family, and followers live vicariously through our posts. I will leave you with my last post in Europe, and overview of the beautiful city of Torino.


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