Promoting Lomography with Social Media

The best part I love about the blog post is that I get to create my own planet to attract the outer space. As the birth of anything, they all start with a single spot. Here, my spot would be the first post I ever publish. Let me present you the Lomo World I walked into.

I always believe that sights actually speak louder than words. When I signed in this WordPress account for this course, a voice in my head told me to make it as a starting point of my personal exhibition about my photographs. So I decided to make it meaningful instead of just fulfilling the course requirement.

It has been 4 years ever since I laid hands on my first Lomography LC-A+. It was a 35mm Russian compact camera with a classic feather look.


One thing about film camera is that it is up to you to insert a roll of blank film and record every remarkable moment in the following. I love the idea of the classical film because there’s no coming back just like our lives. We both get one life that filled with choices of pushing the shutter button. “To be or not to be-that is the question”, came from the remarkable play Hamlet. However, it is also coincident we both get limited times before life runs off. I cherish every roll of films because  it is my call to make the best out of it irreversible life. 

I have read many posts related to people’s sharings through many social media. There is an official Twitter page about Lomography ( Social media is a tool here to share many selected photos with the camera, film and other information to interact with its current customers and attract any beginner.  This a very good marking strategy because it is common that many photographs like to exchange idea about how to take a better picture. With the current and potential users engaging would help grow its occupancy in the photography market.

Using social medias to share and promote the Lomography is very popular. Here are their official site in Facebook, Twitter and instagram.

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The different between Lomography than classic photography is that there’re more creativities. We value the colour because it actually brings  a significant effect on the outcome. A picture with yellow and red tone give more energy to the objects. In contrast, the blue and purple as we call the cold colour would paint the objects with magical darkest. As I mentioned above, a roll of film shares the same characteristic, which means that it is not mainly the object we are recording but the mood we are catching in the atmosphere. It is important that the same roll of film should reflect identical and harmonious tone regardless of the object we shoot. Here compare two different works based on the mood they are showing.

Though they are both blue, you can still tell that the upper-left one would be more calm and the upper-right one would be more mysterious. This difference is due to the beautiful colour work.

Having a platform on social media is good for promoting the Lomo world. When we share our work online, we intend to get feedbacks from people, both the positive and negative. We would receive a bunch of “like”s and appreciation, which build confidences about our skills. Also, we get to know about the different opinions between professionals and random people. Both of their opinions matter as we want to impress the world with what we are doing here.

In social media, if you want your work to be found on the search engine, just hush tag the keywords and your little planet get to expend in the world wide range, the best feature about internet today. Then you get to know more people with common interest in the world and which brings your knowledge to a upgrade level.

All the pictures I showed here was the very work of mine excluding the slice show. Wish you like them.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 3.48.41 AM.png


Yang Yang


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