Over Sharing

It’s a problem, habit, and apparently a way of life for many. Over sharing on Social media. This is something that we need to address – it can be bad for your career and for how people perceive you. As I see it there are 3 distinct types that stand out; lack of knowledge due to young age and experience, generally acting immodest, and picture perfect selfies.


Teens especially should be aware of over sharing on social media, and may be the biggest culprit of this phenomenon. They are not yet aware of the possible ramifications of putting limitless information out there and the fact that it never really goes away. That’s right! Just because you have deleted it from your Facebook page does not mean that a top business recruiter, or background check firm can’t find it. It has been proven that once information has passed through a server, with the right searching capabilities, it is always accessible. With that being known, this is one group of social media users that could benefit from some early warnings of its use. Protect your privacy and show some restraint or you may regret it later. Perhaps early educators should add a social media class to their curriculum.


Teens may have an excuse; they have yet to learn the rewards of being modest. It should not be a surprise to anyone who has earned a high school diploma that washing ones dirty laundry in public does not end well. So many people in there 30’s tend to rant, complain, and attempt to get even with friends or family online. I do not understand sharing any of this with my closest 500-2000 friends. If you have a problem with a friend or family member it is not appropriate to fight with them through a series of back and forth posts, nor is it polite to post nasty things about people who, by the way, are one of your friends on Facebook. And, as Oscar Wilde once said “washing one’s clean linen in public” isn’t appropriate either. I’m talking about wishing your significant other a happy birthday or anniversary on Facebook in a lengthy sweet and very personal post sent to all your friends. I guess I just don’t get it, because many people do it. I understand that you want all your friends to know just how special your partner is. I get that! But shouldn’t the people close to you, or better yet the ones who matter, already know that without you building them up on the internet? More importantly, shouldn’t these moments be shared on a more private scale? What happened to finding that perfect Hallmark card to deliver that special message? Would you send this greeting card addressed to your significant other to all your friends on Facebook? I think not, but on the other hand at least you have put some effort into your over sharing. Unlike the next group!


Last but certainly not least is the posting of selfies. This trend sadly seems to be ever growing with seemingly limitless possibilities of different scenarios. My god people! This is self-promotion at its most extreme! You are the most narcissistic group of the over sharers on social media. Why do you think that your closest thousand friends want to see your post-gym muscle pump photo 5 days a week? Or, how about the endless selfies of DRIVERS behind the wheel? They must have felt pretty good about their last rear view mirror glance at themselves. Guys you should be paying attention to the road. Stop checking yourself out in the rear view and put down the phone! And this is just scratching the surface of the selfie possibilities. We’ve got people in bed, in a bar, at a restaurant, getting their hair done… You get the selfie! LOL!

Over sharing is a major concern. In a public forum one should always strive for balance and some decorum. Ask oneself if what you are about to post will be regretted later or may come off as being too much…


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