Why I Love the Snap

Here’s the thing, if you are apart of the Millennial Generation, you are also apart of the Snapchat revolution. But, lets take a step back. Lets talk about the Millennial Generation first. You might have heard the Millennial generation (predominantly 14-33 year olds) called many things. Check out some of the “synonyms” I’ve listed below:

  • Generation Y, or Generation Why?
  • Generation Selfie
  • The Generation of Irrational Spenders
  • Generation Lazy
  • Generation Green (I heard this one from a Professor, and it ain’t to bad of a nickname!)
  • Here’s a mean one I heard an elderly man say on the T into Boston “Generation Weak”
  • But my favorite, courtesy of Urbandictionay.com is “Educated Dishwashers”

People talk, and talk, and talk about why Generation Y is one of the worst generations to have existed. We are lazy, irrational spenders, libertarians, to emotional involved, selfish, obsessed with social media, obsessed with the internet, do everything on our smart phones, always have our heads down, social media, social media, social media…. The list goes on.

Now, every time I hear these rants I put together a little speech of my own in my head. If we always stuck to the “old fashioned” way of conducting ourselves and the world around us, we wouldn’t get anywhere. It is part of our nature as a species to evolved and grow, take a peek at where we were a thousand years ago and where we are now. We’ve got a beautiful and unique timeline of adaptation. Therefore, technological development was completely inevitable. As long as we are educated and constantly adapting, we will always change.

So, to the other generations not apart of Generation Why- excuse me, Y… I ask you this, what should we have done? Encouraged our predecessors to not explore the World Wide Web? Or perhaps we should have gone on strike when Steve Jobs introduced Apple, better yet, the IPhone? What about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook? We, Gen Y, are who we are because of the generations before us and what we have learned and done after those generations. We are molded and herded down a path that you carved out for us, whether you knew it or not. And the crazy thing is, we’re creating new “things” literally everyday. We are pushing, and changing, and developing so many outlets, networks, and devices that have become apart of our daily routine. It was all inevitable.

Change is so fantastic. Change is this crazy huge word that has so much meaning behind it, that is so general when you look at the world’s history. Change is the beauty of the human race, and so I stand by my generation, and thank the generations before us, and welcome them to ask questions. Why? Because we are doing fantastic things, just like the generations before us have, and like the generations after us will. And the absolute coolest invention our generation has to offer is… drumroll please… social media.



There it is folks… heads down ^

“Social Media is pointless and all consuming” – my mother. Sure, it is consuming. Sure, it can be silly sometimes. But here is why it is amazing! Entrepreneurs have taken this crazy thing called the internet, and the population of the world… and almost, almost connected over seven billion people. Earth is a very large planet, and it wasn’t as though we were never able to communicate with people on different continents before, no, we could! But now, we can do it in a few seconds. <- that really is not an exaggeration. For example, I sent a video to my Finnish friend when I was grocery shopping and saw something that reminded me of him. Conversations later, we’re all caught up! And we have Social Media to thank for that!

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Yik Yak
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Youtube
  • Vine
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Reddit
  • Whatsapp
  • QQ
  • Skype
  • Facetime

… and those are just the few I can name off the top of my head. Now, allow me to explain why I bolded and italicized Snapchat. Everyone is familiar with Snapchat! Well, generally everyone… My parents like to text me selfies and then follow up that text with another text saying “Snap Chat”…


What can I say, we’re working on it…

But, what I really want you to take away from this blog post/rant is why Snapchat is the ultimate social media network, and why it is so much more than just taking selfies and pictures of other people sleeping on public transportation.


Remember folks: not all things are black and white…

Snapchat embodies all positive features of all the popular social media networks. To most people who don’t use or don’t understand Snapchat, Snapchat is: pictures, videos, funny filters, short sentences. But, I have more to add to that list

  • News
  • Constant, timely updates
  • Magazines
  • Television
  • Communication
  • Snapchat Stories – here, I would like to point out that under the Live section of Snapchat, there are always Snapchat “stories” from other parts of the globe, creating a form of connectedness
  • Updates on followers

… I could keep going…

Hopefully you are starting to catch my drift. Check out these sections of Snapchat ….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Snapchat is a beautiful app and my favourite social media network because it is fast. It is completely comprised of fast facts. I want people to know that even though it is primarily used as a selfie device, it is also filled with credible and reliable sources of information. And businesses like CNN, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, ESPN and others are using Snapchat to keep the rest of the busy commuters and working patron informed. And these businesses also understand the simple fact that not everyone can tune in to their television networks or simply don’t have the time too.

So, the next time you see someone scrolling through Snapchat just remember that they might be like me. They might be getting out of work and taking a few seconds to check CNN for the latest News, or read an article on BuzzFeed. Of course I like to take pictures as well, in fact, my last Snap was of bear spray for my hike in Canada (I’m not scared at all…). I take my fair share of pictures, absolutely, but I also love being able to whip out my phone and check on the world and local News in under a few minutes. I love being informed, and Snapchat makes that possible.


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