A New Era of Fame


We are living in an era where it seems like the only thing keeping most of us connected is social media. When we come across someone who doesn’t have a Facebook or an Instagram, an immediate response might be, “How can you not have a Facebook?! Even my mom has one.” As a generation that is so submerged into the social media culture, it has become a potential career choice where popular figures among social media are treated in the same respect as celebrities. A very controversial job in the industry is being a Youtuber. Many people criticize Youtubers of getting paid for nothing else but just sitting in front of the camera and talking to it, but are ignorant to how much work actually goes into producing a video. Youtube stars can make over a million dollars in a year, for example PewDiePie, who generates video gaming content ranks first in top earnings with over forty-four million subscribers, made over twelve million dollars in 2015.

I’ve been an avid Youtube watcher since I was in middle school, which in those days, people made videos and posted them online as a hobby. Nowadays, Youtubers are making sponsored videos, starting their own business such as a clothing line or selling a book that they’ve written. Many Youtube stars that I’ve been watching since I was really young are now very successful, doing collaborations with companies, getting featured in magazines, and even being on television. We are living in a day an age where we are no longer restricted to conventional jobs such as being lawyers or doctors or accountants. We have the power to generate content that will attract others and get paid for it.

It is amazing to see the number of views and subscribers that some of these Youtubers continue to maintain and gain. On the surface, creating videos and posting content online seems like an easy job but behind the scenes, it takes tons of time and effort. It requires creativity to generate interesting material and hours of editing to make a video appealing and engaging. The ones who create attractive content are the ones who companies reach out to, where Youtubers are sent products for endorsement and they make a video that is sponsored by that company. Of course being a Youtube star brings fame and many amazing opportunities, but sometimes it can cause backlash from viewers. I have personally witnessed comments from viewers criticizing certain Youtubers of “selling out.” Sometimes viewers feel like these Youtubers are only in it for the money, that they may be altering their opinion or personality to get these sponsorships. I have watched a video before where a girl had explained her decision to quit Youtube, because she was tired of companies wanting her to act a certain way and she felt that doing Youtube wasn’t a hobby anymore, it was no longer fun for her.

Although it can be difficult to not get caught up in the fame and money of being an Internet star, it can still be a great platform to express who you are. Youtube is perfect for all types of content, whether you’re into fashion, video gaming, comedy, music, or anything else. Most Youtubers enjoy creating videos because they want to share with others what they love doing and the great thing about Youtube is that anyone can do it. You can make videos of whatever you’d like and inspire others to do the same. Essentially, there are no boundaries and you can make what you want of it, just remember to remain authentic.

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